'Conquerors of the New World'


MARK: 90/100


This double co-release distributed by Amputated Vein recs concerns a limited edition CD representing the comeback on the long distance of Costa Rica's four-piece (not to be confused with the countless bands with the same monicker from around the globe).
The 8 songs were recorded in San Jose's Marcos Monnerat's studio and later mastered at Formation Audio and the artwork brought to my memory Obliveon's "From This Day Forward".
The lyrics deal with an invasion of alien parasites, psychotic fury turning a person into a bloodletting demon, Jesus on the cross before believers holding their crucifixes, mankind's depopulation and sterilization, hungry ghosts, Americans against intruders, a beggars' chalice, stabbing to death for revenge; just for the record, the ones from the closing track are absolutely the best lyrics you will find here, guaranteed!

The bludgeoning starts with the title track displaying hateful vocals, fast, tight and clinical drumming where blastbeats are alternated with never boring patterns and the guitar follows without being as crushing as in other Death Metal colleagues' albums; there is time for a scorching solo before a vicious break, which is technical but original, so distant from James Murphy's and the likes, while the finalè, similarly to the beginning is a fugue where the bass duets with the guitar: it never remains alone, it is mixed higher here, therefore it's not a bass solo per se, but this instrument is used to embellish and emphasize a few passages and the playing style defintely attracts your attention. I'm not sure if Carlos is actually slapping, yet from the way and speed he's mistreating the strings, I'm almost sure he's using his fingers and not a plectrum.
If you need comparisons, Inhuman sound like a less primitive and more skillful version of Krisiun, Rebaelliun and the likes drumwise, yet a few demonic vocals in "Soulless Dead Eyes" can remind of Deicide, and a few riffs are more Thrash than the rest; there are also some clean vocals, and that confirms that in the end there is a lot of inventiveness distancing them from the average in this song where the drummer is the protagonist. The song is accompanied by an official video available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3crJQAbvmnQ
The unmerciful "Hold Your Crucifix" blends classy riffing and brutal hammering drumming, adding a few Dying Fetus-like structures, Steve DiGiorgioesque bass patterns before the guitar solo, some breathtaking drum passages before the Dying Fetus-influenced structures are repeated; the groovy "Extermination by Depopulation" is a twisted song rich in variations more intense than the ones given by the most extreme rollercoasters available in the world's amusement parks; decidedly one of the platter's highlights; great performance by the drummer and the bass player and precise riffing to chisel the different tunes of the track. Un-fucking-believable is the axe solo, I'm so glad I got my hands on this CD, because it keeps delivering so many pleasant surprises.
Another example of why this Central-American is so unique (and so far underrated) comes from the brief "Feed on Human Flesh", where controlled breaks are inserted before a Slayer-styled machinegun guitar solo; from the groovier "America Rises", where Progressive patterns are followed by arrangements in the vein of Meshuggah, and where Dying Fetus meet Six Feet Under and bassist Carlos keeps on making wonders withi his winding style, to "The Chalice" where two guitar solos, bass acrobacies and Sergio's soul-vomiting vocals leave no space to rest, showing traits in common with Revenge's or Angelcorpse's; here ultra-fast dynamite drumming comes before a series of axe solos, less violent than the others, yet penetrating and fit for the context.
With the conclusive "Stabbed to Death" we meet music parts of Suffocation ascendency, an insane axe solo paving the way to another one-person show with guitar player Jonathan tapping and recurring to other techniques.

Every song has its own individuality, a rarity in Death Metal, and every song contains peculiarities that make it memorable; not all of the tracks are destined to become classics, but all of them are destined to sound fresh in the long run, even if they're not so short; this is because they come from dedicated musicians that have zero pressure from the label and are at the apex of their inspiration and confidence.
I don't know if Inhuman will find another drummer as clever and smart as Eduardo, he really knew what to do all of the times and he knew what was the most suitable thing to play in every passage. It's a pity he passed away so young; I often think the best leave us too early...
Despite this loss, Eduardo and the other three bandmates leave us a portfolio of compositions that does what we fanatics of bestial technical Death Metal want it to, that is pummeling drum work, biting gritty guitar riffing and solos, earth shaking bass lines and vocals that will make Deathcore bands scurry away like frightened vermin.


Line-up on this record:
Carlos Venegas - b. (also in Alastor Sanguinary Embryo, Corpse Garden, Ashes Remain, On The Fly, The Coven)
Eduardo "Tato Chaves" - d. (ex-Reborn In Chaos) (RIP in 2016)
Jonathan Sanchez - g. (also in Katharzys)
Sergio Munoz - v.

Costa Rica

Official site:

-Blood Obsessed (single - 2013)
-Course of Human Destruction (CD - 2013)
-Conquerors of the New World (CD - 2015)