'Infected Brain'

(Self produced)

MARK: 77/100


It was really a smart idea of guitarist and temporary bassist Enrico's to form a new band after Braindead split. The new incarnation has already given birth to a 300 copy MCD and that's the first CD, though the songs are at least 5 years old and it is said the new songs are faster and more diversified.

If you adore the old school of Death metal, you should welcome this record to your collection, thanks to songs such as "Claustrophobia", an energetic piece in which Cannibal Corpse, Cryptic Slaughter and Groove metal all find a place, blending the German-fashioned Death metal and Thrash, or "Gesichter", based on insuperable bass lines, an annihilating central riff and rotten vocals. This song is probably the highlight, pushed to the top by dissonant riffs that render it heterogenous and very involving.
The other songs seem a bit too devoted to US Death but they turn out to be pleasant after some listens. We have "Dream Master", a ferocious wedding between Cannibal Corpse and Deeds of Flesh; not original but the refrain is a cut above. The short "I Will Kill You" starts with a psycho intro, and is influenced by Judecca and similar cult bands, "Napalm Death" is another mincing machine with some of the most wicked vocals of the platter.
"Untergang" is made interesting by the slowdowns as well as the marvellous high/middle vocals opposed to the growl, and the perfect entwinings guitar/drums. My ears ejaculate whenever I play this song with the subwoofer emphasizing the compressed low sounds!
Death blasts galore and an impressive break are enclosed in "Power", a piece reminding of their fellow countrymen Apophis because of the way the acoustical arpeggio is placed and the following part of the song development.
The modern Grind of Nyctophobic and Grind Inc. meets Cannibal Corpse in "Cancer" and "Crash", the latter boasting a middle structure transforming suffering into musical art, while "Frozen Stiff" is not only Groove metal and Grind; it contains a good solo and a break vaguely alà Nile. It would be very useful to keep developing the opportunities granted by the fact of having two guitars like it was done here.
The composition where the abilities of drummer Carsten Fenske are best shown in the title track, Cannibal Corpse-ruled one more time, but this time there's also room for an unexpected portion rented by Devourment, ensuring the song the palm of most brutal episode.
The remaining songs are "What I Am", a rapid concoction of Regurgitation, Morbid Angel and Prostitute Disfigurement with fairly morbid final riffs and axe solo, and a 25-second hidden track in the vein of C.S.S.O; nothing special actually but not even a victory.

The main fault of this album resides in the lack of personality during 90% of the time. Infected Brain are old enough to gain our consideration and respect, as they have proven they can play and arrange well, yet they need more effectiveness in their songwriting to be noticed among the many releases. The recording is not bad but one can hear it is self-made, therefore a professional studio would be ideal next time. Of course consumers of Death metal devoid of shameful contaminations are advised to give more than one serious listen to the Borne guys.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th August 2006

Line-up on this record:
Torsten Schmidt, v.
Enrico Drachau, g./b.
Hannes Bärmann, g.
Carsten Fenske, d.

Enrico Drachau, Leninplatz 15, 39435 Borne - D

Ph: +49 049177/5665179 (Hannes)
Official site:

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Infected Brain (CD - 2006)