The Killer

(Hammerheart Rec.)


MARK: 80/100


Looking at the cover one would expect a Dark Millenniumesque band, while we have 41 hot minutes of buffeting Swedish death metal matched with old thrash very fast and crispy riffs, sometimes reminding me of Death Angel ("Burn the Cross").

We also meet rather effective choruses, like in "Dead Eyes Open", a certain dose of melodic parts in the intro or at the end of "Caught in Flesh", which comes before the ultraviolent "The Deathsquad", clearly influenced by bands like Testament; this song claws your neck and then really doesn't let you breath one second!

Very different territories are touched in the following "Sick Sex Six", a sheer gothic metal song, while "The Hitman" is Impious's most various composition, including thrash, classic metal, melodic metal, excellent guitar solos and eventually a few lava riffs shutting the song, proving that Impious really know how to exploit having 2 guitarists in the band.

"Stabbed 69 Times" displays true speed metal riffs and "Digital Devil" concludes the CD in the most aggressive and fastest possible manner and together with "Needles of Sin" is a paragon of how to smartly join old school and new school, without making any fans unhappy.

If your favourite food is composed by Testament, Haunted, Crown, Inferno, Hatesphere spiced with Robin Sörqvist's appetizing guitar solos, then "The Killer" can't abso-fucking-lutely be missing in your record collection.