Kaos Kommand 696

(Osmose prod.)


MARK: 95/100

Normal cover

Digipack cover


Wow! Everything is awfully giant in the new 3rd full length from these 3-piece of furies. A sort of professional hyperaggressive thrash/death/black/grind metal makes them conquer the title of extremest act from Asia, with a pretty high songwriting quality, who're based upon a most rapid rhythmic section stretched to the maximum through ferocious vocals, sometimes death metal (-effected); by the way, the production at Sweden's Berno studios with Henrik Larsson stands in balance bewteen clearity of all instruments and the right proportion of roughness. Yeah, we got downtuned, crushing and sometimes chunky guitar sounds, still never rotten.

To give you a pale idea of the killer blend we're in front of, just mix Impaled Nazarene with Krisiun, Angelcorpse, Devourment, Darkane and, in a minor way, Dying Fetus. Isn't that stunning!

I really like the strangling pace of the nervous and - of course - highly fast incredible drum parts, which sometimes go on machine-gunning when all of the other instruments and the voice suddenly often stop (just take "Christfuckingchrist", "Wardaemonic Overkill" and "Bloodred Angelshred" as the plainest examples of what I'm saying).

While "Apokalyptik Nuklear Battlebeasts" introduces itself as the closest song to the canons of black metal, "Wardaemonic Overkill" shows marvellous all-wiping out riffs, and "Atomic Wrath of Azzazzel" begins in a catchy way, but after half a minute we start again being run over by Impiety's exaggerated assault metal, being thrown upside down at the end of the track by a hellish summoning, Hellhammer-styled passages and, one more time, great guitar stabs. Every time I listen to this track I feel I'm listening to the best of the 8 here included (10 if you have a copy of the limited digipack, released with a different artwork cover as shown above, or one of the 500 copies of the vynil, that is to say also featuring Sextrash's cover version "Black Church" and the legendary Blasphemy's cover version "Goddess of Perversity").

You wanna give a soundtrack for some 20 tank dozers? Then pulverize and incapacitate thousands of goddamned moronic Islamic fundamentalists with "Bestial Genocide Goatvomit" or, if you prefer, "Abominate, Fornicate, Desecrate".

The finishing stroke is perpetrated by the title-track, which makes me understand Impiety've found new ideas and methods to quite be extreme. Usually I don't give such high marks for free, but this time 95/100 is wholly deserved.

The future of brutal metal lies in the hands of Impiety, so if you're amongst those buying only 3/4 records a year, then needless to say "Kaos Kommand 696" is a must have for every respectful death/black metal fan.



Fyraun - Lead Goatfuck Hellectrokutionz
Shyaithan - Bass Funeralstormz
NecroVomitz Fauzzt - Kataklysmik Nuklear Deathammerz


Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration (Demo, 1992)
Salve the Goat: Iblis Exelsi 7" (Shivadarshana, 1993)
Asateerul Awaleen CD (Shivadarshana, 1996)
Funeralight... Cass. EP (Ultra Hingax Prod., 1997)
Skullfucking Armageddon CD (Dies Irae Prod., 1999)
Impiety/Profanatica Split 7" (Samhain Records, 1999)
Kaos Kommand 696 (Osmose Prod., 2002)