'All that you fear'

(Osmose prod.)

MARK: 80/100


Another punch in the face is the song chosen to start the 8th album by Impaled Nazarene, that is "Kohta Ei Naura Enaa Jeesuskaan"; terrifying vocals during all the album, but these ones are excellent!

The songs are various enough and the album is all intense and shows the replacement of Teemu Raimoranta - who only appeared on "AOWDMP" - by Tuomio, a talented guitarist who's brought some new riffs, more solos and licks, very HM actually.

This CD is for old and new fans but some old ones won't like it all, especially the mid-tempos shown in tracks like "Suffer in Silence". Recorded by Anssi Kippo, the mixing is once again by means of Mikko Karmila (Stratovarius, Nightwish, Therion...), a guarantee.

Impaled Nazarene still seem to be genuine, but next time I'd prefer no happy riffs and all tight tracks, I mean, if you wanna experiment or add some new elements, that's fine, provided you don't sacrifice your wickedness. Impaled Nazarene were born to be extreme and that's what they can do best...