'A Minor Innovation'


MARK: 83/100


It's manifestly unfair when a worthy act like in this case is still unsigned, especially now that the world's scene is so rich in labels dealing with retro Thrash, traditional Metal and similar styles.
The Greek quartet has produced a variety of tracks that are going to satisfy many older aficionados
and surprise several youth with their blend of straight and unhidden adoration to legends of the 80s and the 90s.
"Last Nerve" is an old Speed song with clean raw vocals, tight riffs, followed by "Reborn", more on the Techno-thrash side along with traces of Sepultura's "Arise".
The result is always excellent and "Apathy's Stare", mixing Thrash and Heavy Metal, is no exception.
The quality remains high with "Haven", on the trail of DRI's and Tankard's Thrashcore, whereas things change a bit with "Alcowhore", allowing some modern elements to step in; this track reminds of the "St. Anger" Metallica as for the vocals and the blast with the addition of an original Groove metal touch.
An instrumental composition, initially acoustic, "End of An Era", melanconically closes this EP, and when the distorted guitar and the drums attack it appears even more interesting.
The sounds aren't bad at all, considering these 6 tracks were self-produced and I'm convinced the north Greece's 4-piece won't have to wait long to see their legions of fans increase everywhere.
When Immoral Hazard have a label behind, they'll have an official license to kill and justice will be done!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - January 20th, 2011

Line-up on this record:
Theodoris Matzaridis - v., g.
Angelos Panos - g.
Alex Terelidis - b.
Apostolos Giannoulis - d.

Thessaloniki - Greece

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-A Minor Innovation (Demo-MCD - 2010)