Michael Nicholas

'Imaginary Things (Inside the Mind of A Schizophrenic)'

(Outskirts Press)

MARK: 90/100


After all the albums and singles released by The Finite Beings, here comes their singer and mainman's first book. A short book of only 29 B/W pages that you can read in half an hour telling his recent story and what led him to a false reality and later back on track: a journey thru schizophrenia and a life ruined by visions and paranoical thoughts, the recovery and the relapse and the apparent, yet predestined meeting with a pastor with a genuine conviction in his ministry that changed the protagonist's approach to life and led him to real faith.
A reborn Christian now serving on the worship team at his church in NJ, a family that never abandoned him during the psychiatric ward and court days, the discovery of a less devastating pill, the birth of his band, new jobs found, everything is described in a brutally honest way and although the reader would like to know more detail about the first symptoms of Mike's illness, the first episodes of delusional thoughts and why only recently his lunatic disease brought him to break the law, the reading remains pleasantly smooth and seems neither unadultered, nor bloated.
The goal of this handful of chapters isn't therapeutic, as at the moment of writing Mike was already in a good mental shape
; it's probably an indirect way to thank God for having been merciful to him, his dearest for the troubles caused; it is also a witness of the twisted way this man found his faith after the heavy blows inflicted on him by life events, the way they made him stronger, more mature, spiritual and focused, as well as an insight to The Finite Beings' fans to tune in with their lyrics better.
I don't usually have time to read or enough interest in most biographies or life stories, since I prefer to learn from essays, but I'm glad to have made an exception to my habits this time. It's not a legendary book like the Bible or Dante's "Divine Comedy", yet at the same time I feel I wasn't robbed of my leisure time. Give it a try either in its paper or electronic version, experience a mental health case of rehabilitation and see how a person's soul was cleansed after a great deal of tribulations, whatever your religious views are.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th August 2016

Mahwah, NJ - USA
E-mail: thefinitebeings@gmail.com

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