The Hutchinson


(Wallace records)

MARK: 78/100


8 tracks from Trento's 4-piece based on brilliant and lively instrumental Rock; not the kind of instrumental Rock referring to Math rock like most do nowadays; it's more improvisational Rock with guest sax interventions, a bit of Prog rock fugues vintage riffs and modern breaks, like Zappa/Black Sabbath/Blue Cheer meet John Zorn but not as extreme as one might expect.
The psychedelic guitar and sax effects functional to the tracks and it turns out neither the arrangement nor the mastering lost their control over the tracks. What is positive about this record is the absolute versatiliy making it appeasable to young and old age fans, experienced musicians with a serious technical background as well as simple fans who can't read music.
Another laude to the quartet derives from the lack of repetition, which renders each track fresh and involving after repeated listens.
The bass lines accompany the rest without soloing, while the guitars fuzz and the drums operate vibrating style changes. This record explains a real group's attitude where none tries to surpass the others, even in a track such as "Gnuh Entry", where the guitar plays an important role from diverse points of view; each musician gives a contribution to the service of the song, but not at the expense of the feeling, reaching the top in the seven minutes of the highlight "Cinghios".
Nobody sane and healthy can remain passive during the frantic "Linfame", both in one's listening room and live.
I don't know about the band's recent activity, but I believe that the turning point (the sax inclusion, which is actually a fifth member on this CD) ought to stay in the next recordings, too.
Technically-proficient and mind-involving from A to Z, what more do you request a band offer the ears?


Line-up on this record:
Damiano Cipriani
Walter Pompermaier
Leonardo Romanini
Paolo Marocchi
Manuel Marocchi - sax

Trento - Italy
Official site:

-Hutchinson/Logan/Stearica/Neo (CD - 2003)
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-Clan (CD - 2010)