The Human Condition

'The Human Condition'

(DNA Music)

MARK: 88/100


With a little delay we deal with the review of the Arizona band featuring St. Madness' vocalist Prophet and Sacred Reich's legendary guitar slasher Wiley Arnett. Just four songs compose this mini-CD, yet they are for sure enough to establish a value about the band's capacities.

Opener "She's a Dream" is made of a heavy riff but also a catchy break, following a genre pathway not too distant from the more aggressive St. Madness', especially due to vocalist Patrick Flannery's style. Basically they manufacture a kind of old-fashioned US metal, rife with melodic solos and flowing into Thrash once in a while; an interesting product which shouldn't make you turn away just because it ain't innovative. I mean, True metal bigots suck but Nu-metal fanatics too, so if you're a bit open minded and are into the NWOAHM (new wave of American Heavy metal so popular in the '80's but with a modern recording), you'll say fuck off to categories and won't be too radical and grumpy.
That said, the following "It Wasn't Me" boasts lively drumwork and a groovy refrain; not a bad song ever, owing to the fact that it's enriched by an almost Megadethian rifferama and fiery vocals between Anacrusis and early Phil Anselmo before he fucked up his vocal cords, and I'm curious to listen to how new singer Ry will approach this song.
The highlight of the CD and absolutely irresistible guitar- and vocal-wise, "Godmode", contains a crushing circular riff, dissonant rhythmics a là Down, and powerful epic vocals suitable both for Manowar and Manilla Road fans and also for a wrestling match; the choice for a few effected vocals couldn't have been more proper as for timing and sounds, therefore that's why it represents the more modern side of The Human Condition at their best.
Finally, a demolishing riff makes way for "Super Unknown", a Heavy Rock composition concluded by a real Thrash metal riff, bringing us to the good old times when "Surf Nicaragua" was conquering people throughout all the world and was a synonym of killer slamdances!

The more smartened up amongst you might object that the 4-piece is not showing anything new, but they oughtn't to forget that the notes are only seven and this remains a solid record of energetic and honest Heavy Metal referring to a period when it wasn't a shame to sound positive and undepressed. We're in 2005? It seems that for the Arizona act time hasn't passed or doesn't matter at all, cos when you do an album like this you don't do it for the charts but only for yourself and those who share the same vision and attitude of music with you, period. I like to think of them as a less Kissian and tighter version of St. Madness, however the pith is that if you are a party beast and adore North American Metal, you should give THC a chance.


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Tel: +1 (480) 4239891
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