'Damage Assessment'

(Osmose Prods)


MARK: 93/100


4th album for this act formed by Sinister's and Judgement Day's members, not that different from the previous "Rage Inside the Womb" actually; again less than 1/2 of music, battle intros preceding every song and 1 outro, but the changes reside in the drum work, here more various, rich of stop 'n' goes, and a little faster,, esp. in "Liquidate the Venomous", and far more bulldozerwise (marvellous the one in the titletrack); I feel it's also better amalgamated with the guitar plot, now unfortunately only in Alex's hands after Michel's departure after last tour. Recording and mixing were done in the same studios, Rotterdam's Studio Excess.

There's also some groove more and the title track shows some (unconscious?) influences due to the tour with Dying Fetus, hearable in a couple of sudden melodic arpeggios in the middle of 2 distorted violent structures, but the core remains the same: pure Dutch death metal, made heavier for the 2nd full-length by talented brutal singer Stan, the 3rd in Houwitser.To my view, more care for solos would've been a gain for the band, however we have a massive interesting record in any case that might've become a classic 15 years ago.


Current line-up:
Theo, b.
Alex, g.
Aad, d.
Stan, v.