House of 1000 Corpses DVD

Director: 'Rob Zombie'
(year 2001)

Language: English

MARK: 96/100


Instead of 9 years as it happened within the music biz, Rob Zombie needed just 3 years - nothing - to gain credit and fame with cinema.
This first opus draws back the story of a mentally insane family colluded with a freak show circus and shop owner sending unaware visitors of that rural area to enrich the collection of bones and skulls in Dr. Satan's empire. He is none other than the leader of the family and kills the policemen sent for by the victims' families too.

A fast editing and excellent gruesome effects make this DVD a must and one of the few serious horror movies of the new decade. No senseless humour, no useless digressions, exciting lights and superb actors, even though not famous, Rob takes not only from 70's flicks, but also from '50's ones with full hands but adds a touch of his ex-White Zombie imaginary so as to create a unique style, made of dramatic and damned elements. The only effect he shouldn't have used at all is one with ink-fish in a scene when the two cops aarrive, but it's just the only one in the whole DVD contents!...All the popularity Zombie earned is deserved and especially the workaholic one: these days he's about to release his new album, titled, "Educated Horses".



-House of 1,000 Corpses (2001)
-The Devil's Rejects