Hjörtur Blondal
Humanize (2000)
To My Future (2001)
Keen Sabid (2002)

(Around the Corner rec.)


1) 72/100
2) 90/100
3) 98/100


The 12-song debut of this Icelandic musician, moved to Copenhagen in which he recorded the 3 CD's, is an effective blend of dance, lounge, chill-out compositions, where the top is achieved by "Camp" (actually the only song not by him, but by Ole Bredahl) and the title track. We're not in front of a dark record like in Dj Shadow's, yet one can right away realize that everything has been played and arranged by a professionist eclectic one man band. If you're fond of EBM, that can be a good surprise, and indeed I feel he's got all the qualities to become the 'next big thing' in this genre.

As for "To My Future", the style turns to an easy listening rock, pop on electronic rhythmic bases pulsing on almost each song. Men, don't I adore this album? Already from the beginning you perceive the pleasure given by the unforgettable lines of "Major Jones" and "Set Me Free", my fave of this series. "I'm a Family Man" is very catchy, and "I'm Falling in Love" is another really stuck into my mind indelibly, while "What Did I Tell You?" is nothing but a sweet rigmarole to dedicate to your partner. High capacities of writing memorable and effective songs are proved by "Hey, Hey, Can You Hear Me?" and "No Matter What". Absolutely devoid of fillers, this CD is the one where, in my opinion, Hjörtur shows the top of his potentialities, with particular regard to his magnetic and splendid voice. His nordic accent in the way he pronounces some English words here and there, esp. with the strong 's', adds a further touch of originality to his product.

A good 19 tracks are contained in the brand-new album "Keen Sabid", being a confirmation of the talent of the genial compositor/singer/arranger/recorder/artwork maker (Excuse me if it's not much!). He couldn't've opened any better than with "The Coolest Car", whilst "New York Woman" brings us back to the electronic territories typical of "Humanize". Very enjoyable seem to be "You Got It" as well "I'm Leaving for Chicago", whereas you'll find out that "I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow" and "The Day" have the magic power to relax you like nothing had been able to for a long while. The prize of best song decidedly goes to "Everything is Moving", a lively, bouncing and jumping song exactly as the title anticipates, gifted with a catchy refrain, together with the American-oriented "The Weather Was Fine". "Lift off" evidences Hjörtur's rock soul, still present in his body and mind. Every change of style is made very easily and, although Hjörtur's released 3 CD's with a hell of a songs on each in 3 years, it strongly seems his creative vein hasn't still dried up; from the melancholic "Now and here" and "I'll Fix Your Feet", to the gentle "Call", which brought me back to my childhood, when my life was happy and I used to have a true family, to get to the absurd out-of-time melodies of "Fall", to finally land at cheerful notes in the closer "Do, Do, Do What You wanna Do". This the record of the skimmed perfection, and the one where all of his aspects are reunited. A Kaleidoscope of emotions for more than an hour full of emotions. A record to give your partner on special occasions, like X-mas, St. Valentine, and stuff like that.

If you're looking for someone adoring '80's power pop, electronic music and Genesis at the same time, with the same flavour and class, then you can find all of this in each full length of this extraordinary songwriter/performer/musician/singer/artist. And don't forget to take your hat off and bow to him if you happen to meet him in the street. He deserves it!


Telefon: +45 32 55 12 85 > Mobil: +45 22 12 30 84