Hi-fi/Hi-end A/V advice

...for a golden ear award sound and a no-compromise image!


MARK: 100/100 !!!


Here's what I define the current best hi-end equipment options to date. If I could give 110/100 once, this would be the case! So, for your pleasure and the complete satisfaction of your fine hearing and sight organs, just get hold on the below-mentioned equipments and I promise you won't be disappointed, no matter what kind of music your favourite is or if your video source is not necessarily a Blue Ray-DVD or an HD-DVD. Detail richness, nuance definition, airiness, balance, realistic 3D acoustic/visual final impact. Every pro acoustician/video hooligan couldn't live without'em!

Loudspeakers: Focal Grande Utopia EM, Meridian DSP8000 Digital Active Loudspeakers, Linn Akurate 242 as first choice for a penta-amplified system, otherwise Dynaudio Evidence Temptation/Wilson Audio Alexandria X-2 Series 2/The Ivy Reference KEF’s Ross Lovegrove-designed MUON/Cabesse La Sphere/Grand Exquisite Kharma/ M Series Model 5 Magico/Gaudi MK II German Physik/Epilogue Full System Goldmund/Sphaeron Excalibur Acapella Audio Arts/Infinie Grande Wisdom Audio/Grand Enigma Kharma

Sub-woofer: Velodyne DD 1812 (2-way amplified sub), 1 or 2 Linn Sizmik 12.45 (depending on listening room's dimensions)/Wilson Audio Thor's Hammer/Krell MRS (Rel Studio III is the best not-amplified subwoofer in case of smaller rooms)

Amplifier: 2 Linn Majik 6100 with 10 Aktiv cards and crossovers + 1 power amplifier Linn Akurate 4200/Krell Evolution One ( in connection with pre-amp)

Pre-amp and A/V processor: Linn Kinos to the 2 anterior loudspeakers/Krell Evolution two or Evolution 707 for home theaters

CD, SACD player: Linn Akurate CD/Meridian CD 808V5/Wadia CD 781i

CD, SACD, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVI video and audio player: Linn Unidisk 1.1

HDCD player: Linn Majik CD/Arcam Alpha 9 (second choice ever: Eastern Electric MiniMax CD)

Tape player and cassette recorder: Pioneer Model H-R100 Stereo 8 Track Tape Player and Recorder Deck/DENON DRW-840 Dual Casette Tape Player/Recorder

Turntable: TEAC’s VPI HR-X1/ClearAudio Master Reference/Proscenium Black Diamond/SME 30/Quintessence Transrotor/DaVinci Audio Labs AAS Gabriel/Continuum Caliburn/Clearaudio Statement/Transrotor Artus/Basis Audio’s ‘Work of Art’/Goldmund’s Reference II/Linn Sondek LP12

Turnplate arm: Linn Ekos

Cartridge: Linn Klyde

Infeed: Linn Go with pre-amp phono mc Linto

Audio/video loudspeaker cables: Linn K600 tri-wire cables/Transparent cable Opus MM

Audio/video interconnect cables: Audience 24 SE/Linn analog silver balanced interconnect cables (30 Euros a metre)

Audio power cables: Audience AU24/Groneberg Quattro

TV projector: Dreamvision Siglos 3/Panasonic PT-RZ12K

LCD TV screen: Sony Bravia Z4500 52" 200 HZ/Sharp Aquos LC52SE941UG internet-enabled TV/Loewe Individual 52 Compose 100HZ

Plasma TV screen: Pioneer PDP-LX6090H - KURO 60" with DVB-T and DVB-S integrated/Panasonic 103" or Panasonic HDTV - 65" VIERA Internet Enabled Television model: TH-65PZ850/Samsung PS 63A756T1M

Led TV screen: 75 inch Samsung ES9000/Sony KDL70R550A 70-inch

Oled TV screen: LG 77EG9900 4K Flexible

4k TV screen: Sharp Aquos Beyond-4K/Sony XBR-X910C/Panasonic TC-55CX850U 4K ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV

Headphones: Koss Pro4aa Titanium

Also you may add a professional equalizer with steadily-cutting control tones by Clark Technik (you might also opt for Harman (UK), Sabine (USA), or Ashley, really not that bad, either) your hi-fi system.

N.B.: Finally, I found the best positions for my equipment and the most suitable properly-treated room, hall and studio for that, and I used special materials and innovative strategies to reduce all kinds of electrical interferences, noise, vibrations and other obstacles colouring the sound, following the masters of this tradition, the English pro sound constructing engineers.
For further info or start a discussion write me to: negativemarcocode666[at]hotmail.com

I've always stressed out the importance of having a good hi-fi equipment to listen to what has really been recorded and not lose sound detail, video information and the expression, the feeling the audio/vudeo maker originally wished to convey, and of course this is also true for lo-fi recordings.
Unluckily you always have to act through the art of compromise between the actual listening environment, the best possible environment the system was designed for, and the system you can afford,but should you need pro help, you can contact me and I'll solve all of your problems; just pay me for the ticket, consulence and optimization and you'll be satisfied like never before!
The first thing you have to choose is the kind of system you need (multi-room, marine...); if you choose for a chain and not a system you first have to choose your loudspeakers after careful listenings to your favourite hardest-to-play-well CDs/DVDs at a trustworthy hi-end specialist retailer, one giving you every additional personal advice.