A brief historical overview

(self-released CD-R)


MARK: 87/100


More than 47 minutes summing H.'s evolution in this kind of best of starting with "Cobain's Brains", a sort of 80's/early 90's thrash-death taken from the 96 "Ways of the 8 Footed" cassette; this pleasant song is wholly instrumental, like all of theirs, and the recording's surprisingly quite good for a tape.

From "Out for Blood" of 98 we have "A Girl's Favorite Color", full of space effects and rocking drum parts, then a bit more disquieting, in the end powerful by guitar distorsions and a stormy drumming, and "Autopsy Turvy", heavy, amusing and throbbing at the same time, sometimes reminding of the hardest Anthrax (USA); this is the only song that should be bettered and needing a singer; you know, in the beginning I thought that a singer was needed for at least half of their songs, but after getting accustomed to their mentality, I've understood that only here some vocals could be needed. Most bands place one instrumental track where necessary? Well, Hematovore need only one vocaled track per album!

From 2000's "Requiem" we have "Cochliomyiahominivorax" and "Pyrethrin"; most of all the former is along the lines of "A Girl's Favorite Color", with a slow melodic start and 2 cool riffs in the middle; definitely the top of their material in my view; it's atmospherical metal, not too dark, not progressive, and only after 3 minutes it flares up including one thrash riff and a nu metal one.

The other tracks are very good too and stress out the characteristics of their music until the 2001 demo, that are a lot of highs and lows, a great number of riffs and interesting ideas set together with good taste. How to call their genre? I think definitions are rarely precise but at the same time a necessary evil for those who've never heard a band, so let's say I'd like to utilize this definition for Hematovore: swinging seesawing metal.
Good songwriters, with a lot of inspiration and to me it's enough, but if they desire to reach more popularity they should add vocals in their songs.


941 Rustic Ridge Road, Auburn, AL 36830 - USA