'Volume One'

(Black Lodge records)

MARK: 89/100



After a good 7 demos Huskvarna's 4-piece releases a jewel as a come back heavily influenced vocally and musically by Zakk Wylde's era's Ozzy Osbourne and a bit of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin as well; yet the songs are more energetic and more Punk rock on some occasions. The axe man's class is under everone's eyes and the Swedish band also features a singer who used to growl in the early times of the band but now really sounds like the young bat biter.

ach song flows smoothly and is catchy, especially "Let Me Out" and "Second Deal" (the latter very influenced by Foo Fighters too), while "Midnight Lady" even includes female back-up vocals. However, the best anthems/refrains are included in "Someone Lives Inside", "Mindbreaker", "Hunt Me Down" and most of all "Eternal"; you must know that the whole record is worth buying alone for this song, simple and perfect like all real highlights, thanks to its refrain and the lyrics seemingly written for me, like the ones of "Live My Life".
It's also worth mentioning the irresistible 80's riffs in "Sunrise" and the freaky "Rock 'n' Roll", melting psychedelic elements and party Hard Rock.

Add to this the 11 tracks were recorded, produced, co-engineered with Patrik J Sten and mixed at Gothenburg's Fredman Studios by Fredrik Nordström (Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, The Haunted, In Flames, Hammerfall, and so on) and you'll have no excuses. If well begun is half done, then I foretell a bright career for these cool guys who've decided to risk with a sound belonging to the 80's and absolutely not original, but which takes no prisoners at all.


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Volume One Full-length, 2004