'Already A Legend'

(Deformeathing Production)

MARK: 72/100


This is not an easy straightforward record: it's scorching, heavy, uncatchy, unfriendly and hypercompressed. Sure, there are atmospheric parts alternated with tighter structures in "Love Unflattering the World" and "Yellow Light Means To Slow down Not To Speed up", but mostly this album goes in the direction of Dillinger Escape Plan, Burnt By The Sun, Cave In, Converge, latest Cryptopsy and massive doses of Hardcore, Grind and Metal.
The lyrics and the artwork were created to be as more uncomprehensible as possible, and this aspect can be seen as positive or negative depending on the listener.
What I like is the guitarwork, fast but also chiselling oniric parts, in the case of "With Heart Goes Pit-A-Pat", a song deign to be compared to the most experiemental ones off Napalm Death, but owning a proper personality in most of itself. It's one of the most involving ones along with "Gygesa" and the closer "Birth for Heaven", longer than the ones and based around excellent guitar plots.
It has to be stressed out it is not simple to play, sing and remember all these songs, especially one like the crazy mindboggling "Via Oslo, Via Goteborg"; the vocals vary a lot and the clean ones are unheard elsewhere on this full-length; the general complexity and the songwriting make it close to Naked City, whereas "Master Was Fishing with A Net" seems to be the typical trash composition made with different pieces assembled without savoir-faire whatsoever.
Repeated listens are mandatory, yet even then you will still feel confused and full of doubts; "Already A Legend" is destined to destabilize any listener, even though I'm not aware if this was the Poles' initial intention. However these 12 tracks end by being a real challenge to people not accustomed to the heavyweights of schizophrenic Deathcore/Experimental Hardcore/Metal, therefore a prior approach before proceeding with the purchase is strongly recommended by common sense.
As to the undersigned, the technical skills are hearable immediately, while more variations would be welcome in that more impact and organic performing during the songwriting would help emphasize and define the boundaries and the transitions between the contrasting parts.
Like the music itself, the band's life has been frantic and rich in abrupt line-up changes; I haven't listened to the following EP and I don't even know if the act is still active. There's only one certain thing with Heatonic Noiz Architect: once you hear them, you'll never forget them anymore!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - December 20th, 2010

Line-up on this record:
Kris - v.
Lemon - g. (also in Eclypse (Poland), Ortank, Devilyn, Cremaster, Genius Ultor (live))
Czarli - g. (also in Ravished Flesh)
Luk - b. (also in Ravished Flesh)
Urbi - d. (also in Ortank, Stillborn (Poland))

Tarnow - Poland

Official sites:


-Inside the Music (Demo - 2004)
-The Music Is Outside (CD - 2004)
-Empire of Dirt (Demo - 2006)
-Already A Legend (CD - 2007)
-Taiga (EP - 2009)