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Answers by editor Rev. Brian 'Warhead von Jewgrinder' Moudry


Injustices perpetrated thru an invisible cage made of ever-growing laws limiting our whites' freedom; this happens everyday in all countries; if you don't belong to the category of race-traitors, go on and read this interview with Rev. Moudry, a racialist, an activist, a journalist and a musician we're all proud of as well as our highest pattern, Pontifex Maximus, Rev. Matt Hale, currently still locked up like many other martyrs who refused to yield to the enemy. For one thing is clear: in the end we will prevail!

1. Heil Brian, thanks for granting us some of your precious time. It is an honor to have you as a guest on our pages. First of all, for those who don't know you yet, a short biography about you and your printing and musical activities.
- Greetings Brother! I am Brian James Moudry, I am half Irish and half Czech, I'll be 29 yrs old on Dec 8th of this year, (HAIL ROBERT J. MATHEWS ! R.I.P. ), I have been involved with the White Power Movement and NSBM scene for a little over 10 yrs now. (officially since about 17/18 yrs old.) I began working on Hatemonger Warzine around 1995, the band Xenophobia since about 1996, and The Creativity Movement formerly known as World Church of the Creator since about 2002. I am a Reverend and state leader for Illinois. In the band Xenophobia, I am also known as Warhead Von Jewgrinder. I am also involved in a musical project called Flammable Hebrews, and a Hatecore band called White Minority, and will be doing some backing vocals on the up coming Evil Incarnate 7 inch record. I was born and raised on the south and southwest sides of Chicago; one of my old neighborhoods, Marquette Park, gained some notoriety from George Lincoln Rockwell's clashes with Martin Luther king jr in the 60's as well as more American Nazi Party and Klan activity during the 70's and 80's, as well as some rather violent White Power street gangs from the 70's to early 90's. I now reside in Joliet Il, a smaller city about 30 miles from Chicago, although we have many of the same problems with the non-whites, as we did in Chicago.

2. How many people are working for the zine besides you and Rev. M? Are you looking for more contributors?
- Right now we have a brother I met while incarcerated doing some book reviews and art, Jamie Welch, also a Brother from Wisconsin, known for his band Veil and his distro Terrorwolfe productions, who contributes music reviews and some political writings and some layouts..I am always happy to include work from others as it comes in.

3. How many copies of the zine do you print? How did the previous issues go? And when is #5 to be released? Shall we expect more pages and concentrated contents?
- Well, that's kind of hard to pin point, the zine is not limited, I print them as the orders come in, so all issues are always available to those interested. There are probably about 1000 copies of all 4 issues floating around at this time. Issue # 5 should be out in a couple of months. I'm happy with the response, as I've never received any complaints.

4. Is HMWZ well distributed nowadays in the USA? Ever have problems with some shops or distros which refused to trade or sell it?
- Most of the distros carrying White Power music and NSBM or extreme BM carry it from time to time. Metal Haven Record Store in Chicago has been known to keep a few copies on hand. Really no problems there.

5. You are also the leader of Xenophobia. After the 96 promo, last year another came out and a split too. How's the situation evolving live-wise and style-wise? What differences in comparison with the band in 96 and why did you decide to split at that time?

- Well, we have improved greatly since the 96 Bootstomping, church burning, Black Metal reh, and the 2004 split demo with Flammable Hebrews. The split cassette with Dreadmoon is out now, and available through Desastrious recs and Terrorwolfe Productions. The older stuff is a little harder to find these days. We would love to play live, but would need more band mates for this to happen. We stopped for awhile after 1996, due to Glaxya leaving, me being locked up for a little bit, and basically no money.

6. I know you're also in White Minority. Will it also be a live band and if so are you gonna participate the next Nordicfest? What'd you release so far, what's the URL and have you been signed by any label?
- Yes, White Minority has done two live shows now, White Pride fest in Indiana (but under the name Flammable Hebrews at the time) and just recently the Ian Stuart Memorial concert for Blood and Honor U.S.A., and Imperial Klans of America in Kentucky. We may open for Teardown in New Jersey this December, if we have enough money to travel there. I'm hoping we will!

(White Pride fest)

7. What's the situation like in the USA? I mean, do you think that most whites are becoming racially aware of the silent invasion and forcefed multi-culturalism or do they just prefer to rest on their laurels?
- Well, it seems to be a pretty bad situation the last few decades. In some cases, it depends were you live. The mostly White towns and cities always seem to have the most liberal types...as they don't have any real life experience with those they claim to be their "equals". They only see the socially acceptable blacks and Mexicans on television, and think that's how they are in real life. Those of us that live in mixed cities, cities that have ghettos and high crime and drug areas, usually know better. But even then, a lot of the Whites are traitors, who think it is cool to join non white gangs and imitate less evolved cultures (Holy words!/Note of Markus). The media forces this down the throats of our youth constantly. 'Gangsta culture" is very popular in the U.S., most of these suburban "white gangsters" are a complete joke, imitating something they know nothing about, they come from privledged high income familys in a lot of cases, and try to act like slum dwellers as a form of rebellion...it is really sad to see. In some cases though, there are real "white gangsters" that have grown up in familys too poor to leave the neighborhoods when they start to go downhill, and they end up joining the non whites, them you have too watch out for a little more, they will shoot at you, and actually know how to fight, unlike there suburban counter parts...The situation with the women is even worse...most, not all, but most American women should not be allowed to vote or offer their opinions on anything. They are whores who go out of their way too mate with inferiors...Joseph Paul Franklin had the right idea....Hunt them before they reproduce more enemies !!!

8. Ever think of entering politics? Why don't you try to become a politician or a preacher or even the mayor of a town? I think that at the right age this possibility shouldn't be rejected...
- It has crossed my mind. I would not rule it out as a possibility, although I am a convicted felon and have many blatant Racist tattoos, so I don't know how well that would go over, I tend to try and help those more socially acceptable succeed in that area, such as Matt Hale.

9. If you were arrested and put in a slammer with a racist black as they did with Jeffrey Dahmer, what would you do to survive?
- Well, unfortunately I have been in Jails with hundreds of really racist black and Mexicans over the years. Before becoming Racially aware I would get into a bit of troubles with the law...I spent most of 13 to 18 in 3 or 4 different juvenile prisons...even most of the guards are black, and just as racist as the youths there. In some cases the Juvinile prisons are worse than the adult ones, because the adult prisoners tend to mind there own business more...the juviniles have to proove to everyone how tough they are. I have seen stabbings, beatings, and rapes...the morning I was paroled, a White inmate was found hanged in his cell, after a black guard let 3 blacks in his cell to beat on him, which resulted in death by hanging.Whites are the minority in these places, even before I was truly Racially aware, the non whites always considered me to be a racist and a devil worshiper, I can't even remember how many fights I got into, and usually those fights would involve 5 or six non white gang members jumping in...I've had my head busted open with a small 2x4 piece of wood concealed in a laundry bag, been knocked out, and sent to the prison hospital as a result of these incidents. But I also stabbed two of these scum with pencils, hit about 4 or 5 of them with a "school " desk I threw at a group of them, so I didn't always loose these confrontations. In 1999 I was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of felony Hate Crimes for fighting with two black gang bangers in a fast food parking lot...I came out on the winning end physically with that one, but on the loosing end legally, after I was arrested for this. I did a little over 3 months in the adult county jail for this, after about a week in the jails intake, my cell was raided for White Supremacist materials, which is considered "gang activity" in there, I was also accused of "gang recruitment" for talking to other White inmates about my beliefs, as well as criminal damage to state property, because I carved Swastikas and drawings of Klansman all over my cell door and walls. This I did mainly out of boredom. The administration said I was unable to "conform" to the rules of general population, and after spending a few weeks of solitary confinement, I was housed in the "administrative segregation" pod, (cellhouse). This is basically population for the worst of the inmates (It mustn't be too different than the one shown in "Runaway Train", a quite realistic flick by Andrej Konchalovskj with Jon Voight and E. Roberts/Note of Markus). You are allowed out of your cell for 3 hours a day there, with the other inmates. I was one of 3 Whites on this pod, the rest were gangbanger murderers and crack addicts with mental problems. This resulted in a few more fights and confrontations, but nothing I was not used to from growing up in similar environments. I still to this day have friends/Comrades doing time in this type of environment, and all I can say about survival, is ALWAYS stand up for yourself...never back down, Be Proud of who you are...even if you loose or are outnumbered in fights, fight like hell, and you will eventually be given respect...Dahmer was a weak individual with emotional and mental problems...these types are considered "prey" for the other inmates.

10) What are your fav 2005 readings (books and zines)?
- Well nothing really mind blowing...don't seem to find time to read as much as I'd like, anything trully inspiring I've read years ago, the couple of books I've read this year I'd consider more entertaining than anything else. Which off the top of my head would be, "Nazi Rock Star", a great biography about Ian Stuart and Skrewdriver, Hells Angel , the auto biography of Hells Angels Motorcycle Club leader, Sonny Barger, Lords of Lawndale, a book about a Pro White Chicago street gang known as the Gaylords and the great lengths they went to keep non whites out of their neighborhoods while still managing to have a good time when not in jail, hospitals or morgues. This gang started back in the "greaser" days of the 1950's, hence the term "gay' took on a totally different meaning then, and was actually a acronym for G.reat A.merican Y.outh L.ove O.ur R.ace D.estroying S.pics, amongst other similar variations over the years. They still have some active members today, but the new generation is nothing like their reign from the 50's to mid 90's. Currently I'm reading Jack Van Tongeren's "The ANP story", about his role in an Australian Racialist Group similar to Die Bruder's Schweigen, or The Order. Next I believe I will read Runes from the Woodpile by G. Scott Tolley and John R. Post, as well as one illustrated by my Comrade Jamie I. Welch. Some zines I've enjoyed this year are Heathen Pride, put out by Pagan Front Europe, Condemned zine, by Condemned Records and Golden State Skinheads, and also Psichoterror, not a 100% Racialist publication, but very inclusive of NSBM and other extreme forms of music and thought.

11) If you had to give a bit of advice to someone wishing to start a similar zine to yours, what would you mostly recommend?
- My advice would be please do! There doesnt seem to be a lot circulating ! Also, be patient, it can be time consuming.

12) Besides Matt Hale and your parents, who inspired you most ideologically or who do you admire most and why?
- George Lincoln Rockwell and Robert J. Mathews. They were brave men of action...their legacy speaks for itself. And even though you already mentioned him, I have to say my imprisoned Pontifex, Rev. Matthew Hale! Another man of action who worked around the clock living and promoting the 14 Words through Creativity, and of course others like Ben Klassen , Tom Metzger, Richard Butler, William Pierce, Fritz Khun, David Lane, Joeseph Paul Franklin, etc.

13) What are the future plans for the Joliet creators? Is it difficult to find political funds with a right-winged association in the USA?
- To recruit more members, build more chapters and to give the opposition hell. It is very difficult, most activities are paid for out of me and our members' pockets. We are "normal" people, we are not rich, so we do what we can.

14) Music can also be only fun, yet why do you think more and more metal bands decide to use political views nowadays, while only a few years ago almost all of them were ashamed of mixing politics and music?
- I'm not certain on this, I fear some of it may be "trendy" in some cases.Some of these bands change their views after gaining some "popularity" or harassment...depending on the situation. Some of it may also be because Whites are angry all over the world. When I started doing Hatemonger Warzine in 95/96 , there was only a handful of bands openly supportive or promoting The Racialist Cause, and some only in interviews, not in their lyrics. However, the Ideology promoted by this handfull of people spread quickly. I was safe to assume this would happen back then, as the BM "scene" was ripe for the picking. It only seemed like a natural outcome, In some ways BM in general has always embraced our Ancestry and Aryan/White Heritage, and shunned the ideas of "modern" society and its "pop culture".

15) Why is America so hated even in Europe and do you feel proud to be an American? Is it true that being born white in the USA is like winning the 1st lottery prize?
- I'm proud of some aspects of our culture. My Czech Grandparents for example. My ancestors that built this country...but not our leaders. I hate our lying system and I cannot figure out which president I hate more, Bush or Clinton, they are both vermins. I cannot really blame the rest of the world for hating us...most Americans are zombies feeding off the carcasses of Britney Spears whore clones and nigger "hip hop" industry and so on. Stop sending our money to Israel, and I'm sure Iraq would do just fine without Mc Donalds or Wal-Mart (actually I think it's just for oil that you went there but the most stupid are the Italians who decided to go there like a servant, a lapping dog.../Note of Markus).

16) Are you in favor of death penalty and does it really reduce crimes in yr view?
- In a Pro White state, yes. Currently, yes and no. It helps cut down on the black and mexican criminal elements a bit, but for some reason is rarely given to the sex-offenders, who should be first in line, regardless of race. In other cases, no. I have a friend and Joliet Il. Creator brother going on trial next month for first degree murder. He stabbed two traitors, killing one, while they were beating on him with several others for wearing a Swastika hoodie, and being a Creator. If it were not "suspended" in Illinois, he would be eligible for the death penalty by lethal injection. I'm glad this will not apply to him.

17) Maybe I'm ignorant and my vision ofthe USA is distorted by the media, so I wanta clear away my doubts: if the US are so dangerous, half people own a gun and there're lotsa gangs around, why are most houses without a fence and have glass doors? I mean here in my country alarms, watchdogs and high floors don't stop Albanians, gypsies and other assorted burglars, then US houses should be surrounded by 14-yard-high walls and watched by lions, but in your country there are even several Amish communities calmly living as if they lived in the 18th century! Which is the truth?
- Well, again, it really depends on where you live. There is much violence in the city's. This is due to the ghettos full of non whites. But in the small towns or rural areas you do not have people burning their babys with crack pipes and shooting up streets with machine guns. The "gun control" problem is really just a black and mexican gang problem. There are isolated incidents where White kids shoot up schools once in awhile, but the non whites do this type of thing every day, all over the country. The Amish live in rural areas, far from inner city gang conflicts. In Joliet Il. we still have some "nice" or "well to do" areas, but we also have several ghetto's and housing project areas. Shootings occur every week in these places. My house still has bullet holes in it after being shot up by mexican gang bangers after they followed us home from a FREE MATT HALE demonstration a few blocks from my home last summer. My house does not have fortified walls or bulletproof windows, simply because I cannot afford such things...so now I just get ready to hit the floor if I hear shots fired! lol.

18) Recently a black middle-aged man was beaten by some white cops and this episode was strongly instrumentalized by media to prove one more time that white US cops are vicious racists. Considering that Pantheon's Ruebeus XIII was put in a spot by a presumedly white cop who deceived him to have him arrested, and that Ruebeus ain't gotten any favor treatment at all despite his petty crimes, I'm now quite curious to learn yoour opinion about US cops and the system in general...
- Well, I think your talkin about an incident in New Orleans, where the blacks took advantage of a natural desaster...the cops were just sick and tired of dealing with these savage niggers, being shot at while trying to help people etc...and this nigger just mouthed off to the wrong cop. But the cops beat everybody up in some places, the blacks just cry racism and call Jessie Jackson to extort them. When living in Chicago, at the age of 13, I was arrested and smarted off to the White cops, and they beat the crap out of me, ht me in the head with their flash light, and still kicked me in the stomach after knocking me out. Nobody put my White ass on television or gave me a million dollars... I've been beat up by cops many other times, but the media just loves portraying blacks as oppressed by the police etc. I'm not even complaining really, I was young and doing things I shouldn't have, I'd of kicked my ass too, I had it coming. So what. The niggers aren't out planting flowers when cops beat them...they are usually fleeing in stolen cars or selling drugs. About Ruebeus, well, some cops will sympathize with us...but when it comes down to it, they will not look the other way if we are caught. The system we wish to destroy feeds their children. That's all they care about when it comes down to it. In some cases the cops will try and boost their career by exaggerating things when it comes to White activists, in my case, if it were not for hate laws, my charge would have maybe only been "simple assault" and " public disturbance" misdemeanor charges, but the cops wanted to make it look like they busted some Nazi gang leader...and now I am a felon. I don't consider what I did a Hatecrime even, those I assaulted were bothering me, I would have reacted the same if they had been White, I didn't feel like taking anybody's shit that day...no matter what color they were...ignorance manifests in all races. The system is out to get people like me...I am on the government's list of known subversives due to my activity within The Church of the Creator. If marshall law is declared, I can be imprisoned with no charges, and no lawyer, for as long as THEY decide. (Awful/N.of M.)

19) What do you foresee in the next 5 years for your country and what would you do if Condoleeza Rice became the next president?
- I don't see much changing for the better. They will continue to put the best of our people behind bars or six feet under the ground. I fear we may be banned soon here, much like Canada and Germany. I'm hoping that Matt Hale will be out on his appeals by then, but I won't be suprised if my optimism is in vain. Rice may as well be president for all I care...the president are only the public relations mouth pieces for their Zionist Masters in Israel. Ronald Mcdonald or Michael Jackson might as well be president for all it matters.

20) Thanks for the intie and feel free to use all the place you need to add any comments or info about HMWZ!
- Thank You very much Comrade for your support and great reviews of our work ! It is people like you and your zine that keep us going ! I am always on the lookout for new bands to include in Hatemonger...so get ahold of me at
jolietcreator@excite.com. And check out the latest Xenophobia / Dreadmoon split cassette from Desastrious Records, Vinland or Terrorwolfe Prod. Vinland. It's a million times better than the old crap. Also, White Minority will have a killer track on the upcoming Blood and Honor compilation from ISD Records.


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