Hate Monger war zine

'Issue # 4 - winter 2004/2005'

(Self released)

MARK: 95/100


There is not much more we can ask of a zine and not much more that wasn't said about in the previous HMWZ reviews of ours, so together with the ever-interesting news, editorial rants and the priceless captions we have learned to adore, let me point out the report about the bullets shot to the Hatemonger warzine haedquarters, the talks with racial activist Tom Metzger, an absolutely smart and involving interview with Slovakian Aryan Triumph, another with Mourning the Ancient's Molly, enriched by pictures that would make Belzebub of the Grimoire of Exalted Deeds zine envious! I also devoured the interview with the Ukrainian Creativity Movement, which reminds us that the north/east of Europe is the only place in the world left not yet infested by inferior race parasites.

Along with a report about the A.D.L. & A.R.A. war declamaration on Black Metal, inties with Bound for Glory, Bannerwar, the almighty Evil Incarnate, Brumalis and several more reports of different edges, I'm glad to see my request has been listened! There are actually many more music reviews and what do my eyes see? A summary of all kosher markings, which I found quite informative, as this kind of info is not easily available or explained in details like here.

Nice was also the article about Arnold Schoenberg, without forgetting a book review (Savitri Devi's "Impeachment of Man"), the material regarding the Hammer fest and the Nordic fest 2004 and, MOST important, the Detroit Murder City 2004, where the pictures portray a venue full of people for cultural events of such a purport. Let's keep supporting Hatemonger and the affiliated clans and wait for the impending 5th issue.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 25th October 2005

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