Hate Monger war zine

'Issue # 3- December 2003'

(Self released)

MARK: 85/100


Tho Brian especially concentrates his attacks on Jews, I am convinced that the world's current most dangerous threat is represented by Muslims, with whom it's impossible to dialog because of their ignorance and the fact they come from theocratic societies without democracy, anchored to Middle Ages lifestyles and mindsets, due to their histories, which didn't allow them to develop and learn by living the Renaissance or the Enlightenment as Europe did; everyday I am obliged to deal with them and I can assure you they're all dirty liers, swindlers (inmates or not I see no difference) and because not all Muslims are terrorists (cuz they get money from us), yet all big terrorists are Muslims. The homeless of them along with gypsies sometimes sleep in Italian churches when they don't find abandoned houses to occupy; these holy places become toilets that white priests have to clean; try and go take a piss into a mosque and then come out alive if you can!

That's why I came galore and then I celebrated dinner with my delighted mother with a precious bottle of Barbera the news about the wonderful earthquake in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. I know nobody'll believe me and I myself don't even fully realize that it was not a coincidence, but the night before I did ask Odin to punish them and avenge our mourned killed brothers and I was listened! This means that if you hurt someone somehow, sooner or later your sins will find you out and you'll have to pay for that. This is so big a relief to me.

Besides Muslims, other pests are blacks, who brought AIDS after fucking with the apes they come from and also spread other veneral diseases among idiot white women without noble souls; immediately after come Asians, who caused SARS by eating bats and now a pandemic of aviary flu, thanks to their untidy hygienic life conditions together with living animals whose shits lie near their owners' beds, contaminating the air they breathe and they are the exotic food they dig so much! After that, if that weren't enough, they try to sell their chickens, turkeys and stuff in Europe and US discounts by hiding it during the transport. This is their gift and we still welcome them with open arms, that's beyond logic!

Going back to the magazine, I devoured the letter by Pantheon's Rubeus XIII; he trusted an undercover snitch cop who willingly put him into trouble and finally to spend some time in jail and now he can't even stay with his son and nephew. I fail to find words to comment on such deeds...

This time everything in the issue is better: quality of printing and layout by Rev. M this time, there are more news, interviews (Platoon 14, Raunchous Brothers, Anwyl, Grinded Nig, Arghoslent, Operation Race War and Darkthule) and reports; the more important are the Nordic fest 2003 one, the one on the creativity movement demanding religious freedom for white inmates rally in a 99% non white area and the Wilmington stays white rally (by the way, two superb girls in the pics, the very few you can find in the USA unfortunately nowadays; great attitude, smart eyes and well-chosen clothes, I wish there were a million more born everyday); of course the usual sarcastic trademark that keeps on appearing here and there still represents the icy on the cake, yet I must emphasize that the tones of the zine remain unshouted and not trivial even if constantly politically incorrect.
Had I to make a request, I'd ask for more music or book reviews, nevertheless I also understand this would be detrimental to other stuff, so perhaps the ideal solution might be increase the total number of the pages for the future.

If we think that only 9 months passed from the previous issue, the investment sees the fruits of the improving and the zine remains much cheaper than its worth. The awakening of the white race definitely needs means like paperzines and Nordic fests, not only books. This war zine probably will never become institutionalised (otherwise it wouldn't have a reason to exist), but I enjoy caressing the idea of a more realistic separation in the USA, where some states such as Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan would be inhabited only by suitable whites. Maybe one day this will become reality and then I'll be glad to move there and have such a friendly neighborhood and not feel like a fish outa water. Meanwhile I eke this priceless reading out for my lonely nights, aware that when I'm old my daughter too will learn a lot of info from these yellowed pages of hate literature, currently at a loss financial-wise but at last available after years of inertness from zine editors and mass mind obnubilation generally speaking. The smartness of Rev. Moudry resides in opportunely understanding that a market niche had to be filled in. Today you can find a few NS death metal bands along with several BM and hardcore bands of the same ideology based on the sustain and protection of the decreasing, ageing and weakening white race, and this zine covers all of those styles so as to extinguish the thirst of those bands' listeners.
Nothing is sure in (my) life apart from death and taxes to pay, that's why I think we comrades must cross our fingers so that we and especially brilliant Brian won't be imprisoned for 'instigating racial tensions' one of these days; if so, what should they do Rev. Farrakhan?

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 15th October 2005

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