Hate Monger war zine

'Issue # 2 - March 2003'

(Self released)

MARK: 85/100


I can't believe my eyes! The follower of the superb first issue knocks my socks off; the layout is more pro and easier to read, but above all editor Rev. Moudry's sharped-tongued style stands out. The first page I randomly opened was the one urging Black metal fans to boycott Nuclear Blast with an ineffable underline under a photo on the left. I won't tell you more as usual, seeing that this publication is still available for sure, and furthermore who am I to deprive you of the natural reaction after reading that?

Besides that there're not many zines like this, no other zine joins music, culture and social topics in such a sui generis and honest manner; another salient characteristic derives from veteran photos of Heinz Spanknobel and Fritz Kuhn enclosed with the article by Rev. Moudry, in which interesting details that aren't usually cited in historical documentaries are reported; and don't think I am not prepared about this topic, as I love history and repute it vital to understand how we came this far; but this subject is neglected and shortly taught by Italian teachers, especially the 20th century period; that's why I have to fill the gap by reading reliable books and watching as many historical documentaries as possible with the most vigilant critical spirit.

In addition to that lighting description you'll find news, address and info in order to help incarcerated Rev. Matt Hale, the Rock against Israel concert report as well as the White Unity Rally in Milwaukee, together with awesome patriots' pics, an article against Trent Lott, another written by Rev. Matt Hale himself, one about the extraordinary Aryan family clothing program, interviews with Graveland, Angry Aryans' Pissed Chris, Der Stürmer, Grand Belial's Key and Granulosum. Last but not least, an article by brother Derek Walsh from the Illinois Dept. of Corrections and a public service announcement by Portland's Volksfront, and a few music reviews for the first time.

I deliver absolute respect to Brian's publication as he's one of the few unbrainwashed whites who:
a) always tells the truth or his views
b) without circumlocutions and never thru third parties
c) risking troubles like other comrades now with a chequered sentence
d) to grant his grandchildren and the ones of the kin clans a better world
(which is just the opposite governments and churches do by the way).

Now it's clear why Hatemonger warzine has become my favorite 2005 reading of equal height to Vargsmål. Pride is our armor and truth is our weapon...

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 15th October 2005

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Brian Moudry - Editor and founder

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