Hate Monger war zine

'Issue # 1'

(Self released)

MARK: 80/100


After watching today's black riot in Toledo (Ohio) against an authorized Vinlandic procession against criminal black gangs and talking to several unbiassed US citizens, I unfortunately have no doubt that in a coupla years there'll be a revolution in Bush's country. Yes, give'em an inch and they'll repay you by taking an arm...The system is wrong and corrupted, we know, and the injustices between honest workers and imported dangerous scum are growing fast. This is happening everyplace more or less, yet differently than the Italian cowards, the white US citizens will rightly react, as they have less fear and patience than Europeans when they realize the problems caused by forced multiculturalism (a very despicable word). How nice the USA were 60 years ago before being ruined by the hispanization and the plague of further countless parasites promoted there by the crook of the UN (whose son was already caught red-handed) and US likely future President, Condoleeza Rice as well as in Europe by Mr. Nice Guys that made an opprobrium called EU true without consulting us!

Therefore glory to Hatemonger! What I like about the mag's policy is that they don't let themselves gagged, as they are the descendants of those heroes that made 'freedom of speech' a reality over there, while the majority of people can't count on that elseplace.
And it doesn't matter anything at all that this 99% b/w zine is done on practically no budget, the contents do!
The interviews feature Aryan Black-metallers Funeral, Lamentation, Spear of Longinus, Attack, Enkil, P.O.W. Keith Butcher, James Mason, mind-opening articles about Alfred Rosenberg, a deep and uncheesy analysis by editor Brian James Moudry about white pride, unity and power, another concerning Richard Wagner and art and culture at the times of NS Germany, one on Nazi serial killers. There's also an intie with Handful of Hate where I mostly disagree with their leader's opinions, but that's an event you have to allow for, along with the martyrdom of many such as Robert J. Mathews here depicted in a memorial page, but the essay by Dr. Ed Fields brings my good humor back, confirming what was already stated 9 years ago regarding genetic pollution and baboons' spawn on the scarcely known, yet stunning, Extermination Zone magazine.

Moreover, issue #1 is worth buying just for the shocking interview with Keith Butcher, in which it is explained the truth behind the bars for many whites. With dismay I learned that several white cops unprovided with a noble soul are race traitors; yes, they actually put 1 or 2 whites in a tank with 15-20 black or mestizos and then they arrive only when the wretched whites have been beaten to death. Now I ask you US folks: is this the USA you want, to be pride of? Are your taxes well-spent if they end up feeding violent immigrants without scruples? Do you feel as safe in your own country as your grandparents did? If you answered no to all of the 3 questions, it means it's time you take the hams off your eyes and start acting. If you don't act for your survival, no-one else shall!

To conclude, Hatemonger is an inestimable resource for addresses of racial-aware people meaning to acquire more news about meetings or activities to protect and awake Whites, connected labels, publishing houses and associations from Europe too. Marvellous pictures (I won't describe'em, that must be a surprise) complete the success of this must-have destined to make a noise in the world. Probably it's already sold-out, but you might find it after a patient search at some distro or at least xerox it from a friend.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 15th October 2005

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Brian Moudry - Editor and founder

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