(self released)

MARK: 73/100


Though they deal with modern Metalcore, the 6 Emilian boys, hailing from the same town of fucking Luciano Pavarotti, had the good taste of not stumbling in the potential riskful choice of a drift towards Screamo/Emo and Swedish Death, like fashion is dictating nowadays.

The 4-track EP includes a selection of their best material and is opened by "Porcelain Breaks at Touch", during which one can find out hidden elements of Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah and Neurosis. A bit inferior to the other 3 songs, "Autumn and the Other Fading Warmth" equally takes from Slipknot, Hatebreed and Since the Flood, even if the Thrash refrain and some Machine Head structures appear too.
"The Stabbing Sequence" is clearly influenced by the "Firestorm" Earth Crisis and becomes more interesting in the middle part.
My favourite track and supposedly the one of many is the closer, "Unchanging Events", and not only because they've added some vocals from Alessandro Pipis, vaguely reminescent of Reach the Sky; as a matter of fact, this composition is a real kick with strengthened boots to the genitalia: just imagine a mix among Warpath, the Red Chord and Contrasto.

In conclusion, the band needs to increase its originality with the next CD, taking as good patterns the first and the last compositions. A few sounds have to be improved and some vocals too, but after all this is more than a decent self-recording. A positive aspect that ought to be stressed out by all critics is the capacity of utilizing and blending riffs in an organic manner together with the existential lyrics written smoothly, which makes me assert that H/Armless are one of the few Italian combos that can't be looked down on by foreign competitors.


Line-up on this record:
Jacopo, v.
Alessandro, v.
Simone, g.
Valerio, g.
Andrea, b.
Alex, d.

Jacopo Besutti, via Brodolini 3, 41030 San Prospero (MO) - Italy
E-mail: fabesutt@tin.it

Official site:

Harmless (MCD - 2006)