Handful of Hate


MARK: 90/100


2 years of silence after the "Death from Above" EP for the Swedish Downfall records and the Italian whipping demons are bloodthirstily back to excel themselves brutality-, songwriting- and skill-wise, availing themselves of a massive recording and mixing by the clever Paso at his Fear Studios in Alfonsine.

The matrix's still raw fast Black metal, yet they've increased the breaks bridging other Black final assaults like in "Beating Violence" or very brutal death guitar riffs as in "Risen from Abuse", or heavy crushing ones like in "Hierarch in Lust". Handful of Hate define it Carnal Black metal, but the truth is that their style is like a mix amongst Marduk, Dark Funeral, Enthroned and the almighty defunct Angelcorpse.

And don't expect all songs to do more than 100 Mph, since you can find excellent breaks but also an excellent and majestic, glacially diabolical mid-tempo-song called "Boldly Erected", whereas "Catharsis in Punishment" successfully takes from thrash, death and black evenly.

This band is SERIOUSLY one of the best METAL bands ever bred on Italian soil and I think the far-seeing Code666's stricken a bargain by having'em signed. If you don't buy this record, you're a jerk who can't recognize really worthy metal bands and therefore simply deserve annihilation.