'Kill the fags'

(ATC prod.)

MARK: 96/100


Here's a band not afraid of exposing one's opinions in an era of fear for terroristical retaliation. Just 2 tracks for less than 13 minutes on the whole, with the first including 26 songs and the second 14, just a little longer.

It deals with noise discharges and raw vocals, mixed or alternated with movie dialogues or voices, going from lots of porn flicks, Nazi cult ones, among which Ilsa, the Wolf of the SS probably, 70's Italian movies and classic popular Oscar worthy blockbusters, like Full Metal Jacket and The Silence of the Lambs.
During the second track there's a bunch of vomited and demonic vocals, including some a là Evil Dead, overdubbed with porn actresses' ones.

I really appreciated all of the politically incorrect and explicit artwork, concept, title and lyrics, and I think groups like Grinder Mafia will be taken seriously only after some years as it happened with Napalm Death or just remain a cult band, too extreme and straightforward for the current times. Keep on mind that there's not one single second of melody here and just when you feel horny owing to the female moans, you're suddenly swept away by far louder noise parts; a simple songwriting, yet very effective.

Musically, "Kill the Fags" is recommended to the most perverted fans of harsh noise, or even noise grind in the vein of Dismembered Fetus, although they don't have grind parts, as they're mainly a one-man band led by DJ Merda's samples.

The CD has been released in only 100 copies, therefore you need to be quick and make contact with the label, the Grind Block, or the band themselves before they run out of them.


Grind Block
E-mail: brendy1@libero.it

Grinder Mafia
E-mail: ratkomladic@tiscali.it