Grief of Emerald - "Christian Termination" (Listenable Rec.)


MARK: 90/100



Their monicker shouldn't be that new to the most attentive Swedish extreme metal freaks, as Grief of Emerald have already released the rightly appreciated debut "Nightspawn" and the come-back released in 2000, "Malformed Seed", only a spit inferior, maybe owing to its groovy and slower approach.
The fire trial of the fatidic 3rd record is overcome better than foreseen, as one can immediately hear in "Alas, Spiriti Sancti", a direct musical and lyrical onslaught without any need of an intro or other frills, preceding "The Almighty Is Rising", gifted with great squared rhythmic structures and well-thought keyboards as a background, like all of the songs here included, but in a plainer way.
"Raped by the Servant of God", "Scum of the Earth" and The Cause" are black/death-based not far from some Dissection's material, as to the riffs and the way they're entwined with the ivory keys, while the title-track sounds similar to the early Iron Maiden (!, I swear!), to grow powerfully corrosive, also thanx to some well chosen growls, and, especially, a WONDERFULLY DINAMIC AND MASSIVE bridge saying, or rather giving the following commands: "Cut Their Throats One by One - Christian Termination Has Begun"; so fucking cool, innit? And as tho' it weren't enough we also face epic vocals and some parts that would make Theory in Practice's cocks, er, ears happy. In a word: masterpiece.
Pretty calm starts "Deformed Imaginations" , then it goes on different, yet still 'controlled' and at the same time very Us death metal-oriented, by a few crushing riffs and sounds used, just before some menacious vocals and eventually come back to the main patterns.
"Consumed by Fire" plunges the knife into the sore displaying ultra-blaspheme lyrix which couldn't humanly offend, bother or make sad the Vatican or most of the Christian believers (and this is OK, but why not attack other/all religions as well? They have done mistakes and damages, too!/note of the reviewer).
"Those Who Bear the Mark" possesses very black metal riffs and vocals, some stops and goes and is a further confirmation of 2 remarkable issues:
1) G.O.E. are pissed beyond measure.
2) Their keyboardman Robert Bengtsson knows how to do his job properly inside a fast and powerful frame of downtuned guitars without exceeding and contemporarily showing ideas deign of attention, and not just doing the very classic homework without a creative impulse. He is also the producer of this 10-track record and, believe me cos it's not stupid cowcrap rhetoric, the result proves to be stunning; he doesn't have to envy anything to the more esteemed and famous, say, Colin Richardson or Andy Sneap, besides their more expensive technologies.
"Humanity's Fall" is the ending track and also my fave track, a mercyless mix between Dark Tranquillity's and Morbid Angel's best elements, intentionally written to dispatch the last Christians standing.

If these Swedish guys add better guitar solos and don't split up for some unlucky reason, their name shall be carved in the Olympus of (Swedish) extreme metal, in the meantime I suggest you "Christian Termination", for it's a pleasing album you can listen to again and again; even after some time you'll feel that special lust to play it again that only premiere league records have within. Easy but not boring, blaspheme, with a cool artwork, now please answer me: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT MORE?