'Hyposthatic Union'

(Prog Rock records)

MARK: 84/100


Second album for the Canadian consort originated from a solo studio project, not very popular on this side of the ocean. Yet, you don't know who they are, but be sure that by one or two years the whole world will have this monicker impressed well.
The lyrics mostly deal with memories, end of everything and Jesus Christ, and that's why this soft, gentle Rock mixed with prog Metal reminsecent of the early Porcupine Tree is wrapped in dreamy, metaphysical atmospheres shunting every possible hand catch.
The double vocals of sister (backup vocals) and brother (amazing lead vocals) are one of the specialties of this well-crafted album, as well as the space-like, nostalgic keys, or also both of them at the same time; "Already, Not Yet" uses Magellanesque keyboards, then weird keys and later a Hammond, whereas the title track uses the keyboards in a different way, with sheer layers stroking the musical soundscape or as a piano; in all the cases the effect is memorable.
Another characteristic of these long eight compositions are the lengthy instrumental structures, permanently kept vivid and lively thanks to the work of the other two brothers of the band, bassist and drummer Davis and Tyler Friesen. Add that other backing vocals are from Michael and Rebecca De Boer and you'll understand that this is the baby of a restricted number of friends forming a small family driven to the success of this musical project.
Although this record is conceived as homonogeous, "Terminal" is the song displaying style and sound guitar variety prevalently (crushing or melodic riffs galore), and the following "Pale Blue Dot" even has a guitar sounding almost like a sitar! Each song sees the two guitars occupied in sophisticated plots and some solos intentionally mixed low, at the same level of the rhythm guitar; a good example is the magic, tender and mesmerizing "Achromatize".
There's so much to be discovered and enjoyed in these almost 68 minutes where the integrity and honesty of the musical endeavour shines through, making this a thought-provoking, melancholic metal creation with some real magic, that you need to take some time to relax and invest to unearth all of the treasures hidden in that.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - November 30, 2012

Line-up on this record:
Derek Barber - v., rhythm g., k.
Richard Shukin - lead and rhythm g.
Davis Friesen - b.
Tyler Friesen - d.

British Columbia - Canada
Official site:

-Opus One (CD - 2006)
-Hypostatic Union (CD - 2011)