'Black Metal Against Time'

(Desastrious records)

MARK: 79/100


This is the reprint on CD of the Toms River/Jackson band from New Jersey's first demo. This band came out of nothing and sounded stokin' after the very first seconds I put it on. The reason for this is simple: they sound original, obscure, minimal, raw pitch-black Black metal!
Listening to the songs several times one can only vaguely find reminescences of early mayhem, Gorgoroth or, more recently talking, the almighty Leviathan, but the construction and the style are almost unique; another aspect to mention are the grim vocals, harsher than ever in the field of Black metal undoubtely! I challenge anyone of you to unearth a band with such vomited and strained vocal emitissions. There're no lyrics included but the titles seem to continue the previous vein dealing with war, annihilation, purity and truth.

The mid-tempos from which nightmarish demons or cemeterial reborn soulless beings exhalations evaporate permeate most of the songs, but there's also place for an unexpected Death rock finalé ("Epic to Barbarity") or a Doom conclusion in "Funeral of the Damned", while a sinister arpeggio opens "Forests of Ymir", a faster composition in which the above mentioned pale Norwegian influences appear. From here to the end you'll find them again, but you'll also have the pleasure to make acquaintance with the complexity of "Knot of the Slain" or the repetitiveness of "A Snow Will Fall". Such a thing is so strong and short that irritates like no motherfucking Jehova Witness ringing at your door on a Sunday morning could and it's even worse in a good portion of the long closing track, "March Atop the Fallen", a song which may lead to insanity and in the gravest cases even to suicide, altho' it includes some fine Necrophagia fragrances.

Besides this flaw, US (NS) Black metal has overcome the Norwegian one as to quantity and, what matters most, quality and inspiration. Moribund records, Desastrious recs and Nykta prods were the first to realize and therefore also contributed in the fulfiling of this phenomenon, and if you know a bit of their catalog you won't but agree with me if I say their CEO's were not born yesterday.
All those who are into serious and anti-trendy Black metal should get something from this 3-piece and will end up ordering all their remaining production.


Line-up on this record:
Hacker-The Widow Maker (also in Open Grave)

Desastrious records, see link at the label section

Black Metal Against Time (Demo, 2003)
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