'Lust for Torture'

(Coagulated records)

MARK: 70/100


I knew! Sooner or later I was supposed to meet an act tributing so much praises to Devourment, but what I didn't expect was they would come from my country, from Tuscania to be precise.

The 3-piece is luckily not a clone of the above-mentioned authors of United Guttural's classic "Molesting the Decapitated", nevertheless their influences can still be heard rather heavily in certain passages; however, it's their debut, so I wouldn't ask of them for too much.

After a sombre and gory intro, "Repulsive Prelude", reminding of Deeds of Flesh and Mortician's, the opener "Progression in Decay" starts fast to slow down with its guttural brutal death and a "Harmony Corruption" Napalm Death's breaking riff; very grind is "Clinical Wasteform" too, classic and paying homage to the early Internal Bleeding, but there's place for a devastating riff in the middle excerpted from Devourment's songbook as well. "Ornaments of Mutilation" appears more dynamic, uses twisted riffs, double vocals and not only low ones like before. The final riff stands out thanks to its speed and mostly cos it's way more than furious.
Very suitable for live shows is "Sickening Surgery", including a couple of memorable riffs, macabre bass lines, tight and ultrarapid drums and a brief guitar solo in the end. For those who know them, it sounded similar to Judecca. "Voracious Prophilaxis" reminds me of Inhumate's grind/death riffing; the vocals are high and low again here, and the low ones dramatically sound like the ones of a wild boar screaming in the eye of a tornado, the way Brodequin's vocals usually are. When the song seems over, it comes back to ravage our resting neurons with a final part you won't forget too easily.
Once again no hint for melody and a great deal of stopped riffs in "Anxious Aberration in Pregnancy", for a sound balanced between brutal death and grind, whereas "Gorefucked" is opened by a raw riff so as to create a twisted beginning, shows precious breaks and 'choked' guitar lines, apart from a pleasant acceleration in the middle, and a large borrowing from Devourment before the fading to the outro. Useless to say the vocals are awesome, so they might annihilate a herd of angry elephants running towards you! The last songs are a nice cover version of Brutal Truth's "Denial of Existence", and the demo versions of "Progression in Decay" and "Sickening Surgery", characterized by strongly Swedish sounds.
Gorefuck kick ass on stage, but they have to work more on their songwriting and the sounds in order to become more involving on CD, or else they will tend to bore after only one song the fans of old-style Death metal who don't like or know the Texas musicians and similar bands.


Paolo Chiti, via di Saturnana 1, 51030 Pistoia - Italy
E-mail: fleshterrorists@hotmail.com