Godless Truth
'Arrogance of Supreme Power'

(Lacerated Enemy records)

MARK: 77/100



For their fourth full length CD theCzech gods decide to be self-released on their own label; their logo has been modified again (this time it's from Keisuke of Vomit Remnants), while the cover artowrk was realized by Pyaemia's Joel, but the prominent difference is that this record enjoys a precise recording (yet not punching enough) and therefore sounds more brutal and massive; at the same time the 4-piece hasn't been satisfied with that and has been able to add more skillful passages and patterns than before, be them the slapped bass lines or the furious and technical drum passages.

After an intro reminding us the world is about to collapse thanks to 90% crappy people dwelling in that and not deserving other than a long agony, "Perceive the Mockery" opens the fire with its awesome riffs and devastating drum time changes; several kinds of vocals are utilised, some guttural, some just brutal. Immediately after, "Mission: Fuck You" runs us over fast in the extreme; though it's too Dying Fetus-derived, it's still congenial, especially in the final catchy Death-core part. Mira Bedla of Split Bearing gives a slow James Murphyian guitar solo here.
Chips of Devourment in the short "Driven To Lacerate", followed by "Reprobate Intention", halfway between Severe Torture and Dying Fetus; this track displays extremely fast drumming, a Speed metal riff in the beginning and at the end; excellent riffs chosen are also the ones used in the middle, like a stopped twisted one, making this the highlight of the album; last but not least, Mira Bedla appears with another solo here.
Another song too influenced by Dying Fetus is "Instructed To Degrade", whereas "Deformed In Ecstasy" pummels me with genuine pleasure and is one of the most representative compositions for the Czechs' style; one more time drummer Libor makes wonders behind the skins in the vein of Cryptopsy's drum-wizard, while bassist Tom follows him by a tight work on his instrument and Zdenek seems to compete with Inumate's singer, gurgling like a flow sucked by a rather obstructed drain. Sick!
"Embrace the Void" sounds like an agreeable dive into the past to me, bringing me back the memories of Pyrexia's never forgotten patterns, yet later the track assumes plain Dying Fetus' cues one more time; the songwriting reaches high quality levels here too and I can but say it's a pity that there're no more songs.

If you're around 30 like me and adore that sort of frantic Death metal made popular in the '90's by Dying Fetus, Cryptopsy and so on, then you will certainly appreciate this album as well. My only reproach is that maybe the band still hasn't achieved a completely personal style after 4 CDs; like many said scales and music combinations are not infinite and it's not easy to write original material, all the more if you're playing Brutal Death metal; don't misunderstand me, this record is good and will blow you away, the way we've become accustomed to expecting from Godless Truth. There can't be any regrets about the recording or the terrifying technique, I just hope my words will spur them to go even beyond, dare more with their next album. However, if you don't give a fuck about personality, this remains a killer hyper-adrenalinic album. I tested it before my usual exhausting Saturday jogging marathon and I was able to run 2 kilometres more than my previous record in the same time!


Godless Truth & Lacerated Enemy records
c/o Zdenek Simecek
P.O. Box 53, 77111 Olomuc 1 - Czech Republic
E-mail: katopetia@volny.cz

-Desperation (1998 - Deadsun records)
-Burning Existence (1999 - Deadsun records)
-Self-realization (2001 - Shindy productions)
-Arrogance of Supreme Power (October 2004 - Lacerated Enemy records)