Girlz of Zaetar
Fear of Rehearsal

(Girlz of Zaetar rec.)


MARK: 78/100


The best ways for me to get detached from stress are the good ol' ones: sex, drinking and music, but after the 1st listen to this EP of 51 minutes I don't know if I was better, I just felt different ever from before; it's one of those experiences changing my life, like a heavy surgical operation with partial anaesthesia or the watching of the "Guinea Pig" series. Described as sexy synth band from another planet with never the same sound at any given moment playing urban jungle musick, I would say that this is totally ad-libbed music crossing Hindu chanting and TRUE psychedelic records of the 60's played at the wrong speed; yeah, a sax comes and goes on a rhythm based on percussions and chanting reminding me of some middle-USA sects using snakes to prove their faith to God. In the long "Gods" (35 minutes) there're several noises and rare guitars; it's hard to explain it, especially when this shock chakra kundalini ecstasy music is made by 23 people with the help of possessed strangers from the audience spontaneously joining! Ghostly opera vocals, noises, effects and much much more; the top is reached in "Lahasa", a dynamic wacky song I can't stop playing over and over. Guys, you are absolute geniuses! Is this the true art music? Or yoga rock? And in the end, who cares? Let's enjoy this spiritual poetry with 7 bass players alternating and have an acid trip without paying the consequences of the aftermath of a (write here your fave drug) addiction.
Now, who dares ta say hippies' spirit's dead?


Girlz of Zaetar Rec.

Po Box 668, Woodstock, NY 12498 - USA