Ghosts of the Canal
Five Episodes from the Subconscious



MARK: 85/100


This is almost a Candiria's release, as we have Mike MacIvor and John LaMacchia on bass and guitar respectively, and Camdiria's drummer Ken Schalk on keyboards; moreover the CD was produced by Candiria at Brooklyn's Purple Light Studios. It also features Thomas Cirillo on drums, Reginald Juste on percussion and vocalizations and Helen Yee on violin.

"Blues for Armageddon" is hallucinated, spectral and not too far from Halloween 3's soundtrack or some David Lynch's, thanks to the alienated voice, the lazy advance, the guitar singing in delay, and the several sound, guitar effects, making the song original, out of the schemes, but it can make more than 9 minutes pass without realizing it. "Richard Dreyfuss" is pure experimentation, has suffused percussions, lots of malignant effects, some interventions of distorted guitars for a few seconds and in others even some violins.

Hammering bongos on a winding bass are the main peculiarities of "That Which Survives", in which the vocals are whispered from time to time. A violin and synth solo follows later, then the atmosphere becomes rarefied, then it is desertic until the end. Unexpectedly "Chaos in the Middle of Perfectly Illogical Sense" is an instrumental 70's oriented rock composition, enriched by a completely upset keyboards solo, and assorted effects and noises, while if you're looking for mere improvisation, then select "Petrified Forrest", where among the 4 main instruments, the guitar slowly cuts an important place for itself, without ever sound invading; maybe the song may appear a bit frayed. Soon afterwards we meet the hidden track, the darkest and most twisted of the 6. The ideal situation in which to listen to this album is when you're alone at dusk, and even if some mayn't agree with me, I'd nort define it as noise, rather as pleasant experimentation by daring musicians not afraid to display their most inner creativity, wholly uncaring of charts, market rules or stuff. UP WITH FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!