(Wallace/Shove/Donna Bavosa records)

MARK: 88/100


A co-production from three labels has brought to the release of this eponymous debut album from the Marche quartet (actually an EP due to its 21 minutes of length), exposing a Post-hardcore approach to music and a love for figures of speech for the Italian lyrics about alienation, social pressures and inner fights: alliteration and circumlocutions are the rhetorical devices mostly used in "Gerda".
The tight, assailing structures occupy the largest chops of the tracks, whereas the braked ones show a controlled behaviour from the guitarist, yet the drumming keeps on being frantic. The vocals may be angry, apocalyptic when they're screamed, or, in an opposite manner, disenchanted and desperate when clean, and might not be assimilated by people out of the Hardcore scene actually.
We're before one of those records thats grows listen by listen although heavily derivative from the genre masters. The tracks are apparently similar, but after listening to them you'll realize they're easily memorizable, owing to the marvellous and gigantic guitar work, which makes the seven tracks appeasable to a far larger share of public than the one between Earth Crisis, Converge, Neurosis and Isis.
A very strong result from a band that knows what it wants and how to get it!


Line-up on this record:
Alessandro - v.
Alessio - b.

Roberto - g.
Andrea - d.

Jesi (AN) - Italy
Official site:

-Gerda (CD - 2005)
-Cosa dico quando non parlo (CD - 2008)
-Gerda (vinyl/CD - 2009)