Gerbe of Life/Repudiate

Gerbe of Life/Repudiate (Split CD)

(Skull Fucked Prod.)


MARK: 80/100



The first release ever from the transalpine label located in the best cities of the country, Strasbourg and Zeinheim, not a case ex-German cities (it seems to me that France's brutal scene is living a 2nd life thanx to these generous hard- working people fond of extreme metal, and I can't but be happy about this tendency), sees the light in form of a magnificent split.

Gerbe of Life, including in their line-up Chris, former Disgust's bassist, present 11 tracks (among which the intro "Coma") of pounding death/grind enriched by great Carcass-like rotten, demonic, or inhuman vocals in French, destructive drum parts and guitars that could crash a monolith of reinforced concrete as if it were butter. The apotheosis is in "Pedophiles Fils de Pute", proving that when Gerbe of Life have to say something, they don't use any circumlocutions, and - more important thing - showing a song that is gonna be a strong point at their concerts even in 10 years from now. The only not brutal vocals, though desperate, are contained in "Solitude Exacerbee", whereas all the rest is a triumph of butchery and demolition.

With Repudiate we're in front of as a savage attack as G.O.L.'s, nevertheless in a different manner; R. have more highs and lows, a great deal of accelerations and cascades of venomous guitar solos; of course fierce vocals are present too, and the approach is more US-oriented; just to give you a vague, general idea, they might be describes as a well-done mix between Exhumed and Cannibal Corpse + their original style for another 50%. The most various and one of the longest compositions is the closing track, "Bloody Thorns", which makes it one of the easiest to be remembered; only fault: some guitar riffs too playful.

By mixing the marks (85 for G.O.L. nd 75 for R.), we obtain an average of 80. The production is better in the first 11 songs, but still good for Repudiate as well.
I'm absolutely sure Skull Fucked has decidedly started its way with the right foot, so the proof of the pudding is in the eating...


Skull Fucked Prod. (label and fanzine)'s contacts:

1) Fred Anton, 19 rue des Paturages - 67310 Zeinheim - France
2) Philip Catt, 3 rue Catherine de Bourgogne - 67000 Strasbourg - France

Gerbe of Life's discography: Split CD with Repudiate (Skullfucked - 2002)
Gerbe of Life's line-up: Seb, d / Mickael, v. / Christophe, b. / Cedric, g.

Repudiate 's demo-/disco-graphy: Neurasthenia (demo - 2002) / Split with G.O.L. (Skullfucked - 2002)
Repudiate 's line-up: P.O., d. / Mitch Hell, v. / Arnaud, b. / Nico, lead g. / David, rhythm g.