(Self released)

MARK: 85/100


I've decided to review this CD which is not music I usually deal with, both for a challenge toward a style that can open and refresh my mind and out of curiosity for a girl who seems to have had a very painful life like the undersigned, and I made the right decision!

Genie's songs are based on an ancient Steinway Grand piano, her vocals, and Troy Nilsson's keyboards orchestration, Martin Guitars and layered vocals, as soaringly expressed in the title track or "Undying Love (For Mom & Dad)"; the former includes one of my favourite acoustic guitar lines of the CD and rather melancholic lyrics, but I have to admit that the most touching track here is definitely "Quiet Place", where piano and vocals duet excellently. The following "Someday", like many other songs is enriched by wrapping bass sounds and Genie's vocals; of course I can believe she's been compared to Enya or Kate Bush, as her voice is gentle, clean and her diction precise and classy. She can really use her heavenly and peaceful voice at its best, sounding like an angel whispering you kind words that will bring you back to your childhood or whatever the gladdest period of your life is/was. It is good as a lullaby, to relax and forget the horrible world we live in for a while.

There're 24 tracks here of which one is a true instrumental one, "Sailing Angel", while "Trees" just an outro; besides these you find 10 sung tracks and as many karaoke ones, in that they are almost instrumental, but the blonde fairy appears here and there to hint some vocal lines in the background. As to the normally sung tracks, I have to observe there's been a lot of care in the recording of her vocals, as you can hear her breathy vocals, but also her pauses, her lips' movements, and even her teeth and tongue utilisation in a very clearly manner, fundamental when it comes to this genre of music.

This CD, the 4-CD set and the DVD earnings will be given as charity to the hurting and needy of the world. If you like heartfelt, soothing timbres and earnest, human lyrics, then this rural Texas's songstress will be a delicious surprise to you. She will remind you that there's still somebody who likes to give, love and help like when your grandparents would teach you at the good old times that will never come back. Like all the people who had hard times and received an education not based on money, career, selfish relationships and so on, but one on healthy values, Genie has naturally become a very sensitive person, even if unfortunately persistently tormented by fate like me, therefore I just believe she's a girl to marry and love until the end of the times, but unfortunately such rarities don't stay alone long, so...lucky is her husband Troy Nilsson!


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