(To whom it may concern:)
More Photos from editor Markus



Markus & Konkhra out of the Tex, 1999

Suburbia shots... (2000)

Markus at work in his office (2001)

Markus discussing and dealing with Metalism's boss Alex (2004)

(from left to right) Arbitrator's guitarist & singer Wolf, Markus and Metalism's manager Alex celebrating before a wood.

(from left to right) Arbitrator's Wolf, Markus and label Metalism's chief Alex)

Markus with Evgeny, Nosferatos' manager (Zelenograd, June 2007)

Markus with Denis, former Nosferatos' bassplayer and the 2007 brand-new demo-CD, July 2007

Markus with some members from Comatose Vigil - Moscow, 11th June, 2007

Markus with Anachronaeon' and Eyecult's Patrik Karlsson, Vasteras, 2009

Crevalcore April 2019

Markus at Crevalcore's historical reenactment, April 2019

from below

Markus at Pantheon, Easter 2019

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