'Oneiric in Geocentrism'

(Nihil Art)

MARK: 85/100


Some of you might know this band for other records dealing with Death or Black metal, but the only man behind this band has always preferred to shuffle the cards and prove how versatile and capable he could be; in this case the 6 tracks presented stay on another planet, as they are pure Dark ambient music. 67 minutes of background metallic, creepy noises and layered sounds, having the listener to fancy travelling alone in space in a very long spacecraft journey, maybe out of their body. Or maybe it could be just a long dream. Vaarwel spends as many days as possible in the wood, the country and this isolation and availability of large uncontaminated places enhances this sort of inspiration.
"Oneiric in Geocentrism" is rich in loops, threatening noises or sounds hard to decipher, so as to emphasize claustrophobia and obsession. Detractors might find it boring or claim the instrumental compositions are similar one to another. Don't believe them at all! This music is indeed quite interesting and the compositions differ from one another, in that they could be used as soundtracks for some movies: for instance "A Chink in Celosphere" would be great if matched with a flick similar to the Russian "Solaris", as it's obsessive and mysterious but not scary, whereas "The Striding Watchtower" would be more suitable to a Sci-fi/Horror film with a plot on the trail of that of "Point of no Return".
Moreover, there're pieces that make my flesh crawl and compulsively induce me to repeated listens: "Quiver in the Voidrift", the dynamic slowly-water-flowing "Brooks Run to the Comet Lake", and especially the disquieting MZ412-like "Fog Delivery Hub", which sounds like the demons are coming to get you. God, don't I love to obliterate myself into another dimension with this mesmerizing cursed magic! If I have favourites that means the tracks aren't the same, as they offer diverse elements each.
All explorers of the unknown ought to give this album a chance and I urge them to get hold of the original physical CD because the artwork is really worth the monetary effort.
I'm aware not everybody was born to face heavy tracks lasting over 10 minutes, but hey, the goal here isn't reaching the masses; it's leaving you alone with yourselves without excuses. If you're not in peace with yourselves, with your conscience, then you won't feel comfortable, but it's not Frozen Ocean to blame, it's you coexisting with unresolved issues.
Catch the opportunity of realizing if you're postponing a problem, if you're plunging it into your inner self, yet it keeps emerging when you least want it.
If you don't like what you see in the mirror, try and do something about it. On the contrary, if you already know you're looking for entertaining music to forget your problems and get distracted, don't look for this album. Neither buy it if you're afraid you might find a side of yourselves you thought buried forever in the unconscious.
These songs are endless and they keep you tied like a person imprisoned in a machine that keeps them alive against their will. They are pitch-black, suffocating and this is a crucial test very few are ready to tackle; even less will be the ones that will survive till the end.
Yield to the annihilation of the anti-matter, surrender to the power of the infinite, be sucked into the truly sadistic sombreness of the cosmic abyss...

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th October 2011

Current line-up:
-Vaarwel - keys, sampling

Moscow - Russia
Official sites:

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