Fractured Existence

'Electric Universe'

(self-recorded and produced)

MARK: 77/100


Really an unusual proposal the one offered by this Richmond-based trio, embodying Heavy Rock with particular vocals, as crazy as Black Sabbath's youngest Ozzy, yet very catchy and easy to remember. The same speech can be done for the riffs, easy-listening but never foreseeable, and gifted with a wide and smart use of pedal effects.
Their ten tracks rest on hopping patterns and sounds looking back to the 70s and the 80s, while the axe solos are fairly well-played and composed. The songwriting is sometimes too uniform, mirroring the classic method of construction: strophe, chorus, solo, strophe, chorus, but not seldom are there exceptions: the bright ride of "Reggie Had An Axe to Grind", a song between the early Genesis, Iron Maiden and Rush; the disquieting main riff of the cinematographical "Pestilence", all-out highlight of the record and of course the instrumental "Hammerhead".
Remarkable are the lyrics too, social, life-oriented and usually deep; worthy of mention are "Killing Time", concerning sandal-clad jihadists and oligarchies ruling less evolved societies, "Logic and Reason" and "Solar Wind". There's also place for other lighter and interesting topics like the communication with the beyond ("White Noise"), so it's actually impossible to complain about this aspect.
Instead it's a shame that they've had to recur to a drum machine and that the fairly good, but not stellar, recording does not boost many guitar solos; on the contrary, they are mixed lower than the rest: a choice to Fractured Existence, a mistake to me.
As for the rest, the 3-piece is a band preaching the arguments of Motorhead, Ten Years After, Status Quo but also acts such as Magellan, expanding them towards innovative solutions, especially thanks to the fanciful couple of guitarists.
All those in search of a party-rock with a unique, antimainstream and refined appeal that only an experienced band can guarantee should prize this band as we did.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th October 2006

Line-up on this record:
Dave Ashworth - b.
Bruce Bogad - g.
Ken Hill - g., v.

Ken Hill, ph. (+01) 434 3913701, cell. (+01) 434 3901089
7831 Green Bay Rd, Rice, Va 23966 - USA
Official site:

(several demos released before)
-Electric Universe (CD - 2006)