Forgotten Path magazine # 1


MARK: 85/100



Genuine b/w zine from Lithuania debuting with 14 interviews to real underground bands and over 200 lengthy, in-depth demo and album reviews. Although the main direction decidedly goes to cover pure Black metal bands with a primal idea or Black/NSBM/Thrash/Pagan/Viking ones, the criticisms also deal with a few tens of superb Death metal records, such as Benighted's, Deicide's or Illdisposed's latest, or Gothic, Grind, Extreme offerings and even a Folk rock one.
The inties are with Woodtemple, Agalloch, Horna, Nocturnal Depression, Imperium Dekadenz, Godless Cruelty, Absonus Noctis, Nebular Mystic, Forest of Fog, Aaskereia, Mordhell, Naeblis, Stutthof and Andaja; they are worth the 4 euros + the shipping costs, they are so rich with intelligent questions (and also interesting untrivial answers), no matter if the English is a bit poor, that you read them all in one go.
The only thing I would improve is the edge of some reviews, in that sometimes the two critics should take a position and let their view transpare; indeed, it happens here and there they provide a number of possibilities and let you in doubt. In my opinion a reader is going to trust someone who writes a lot of focused, not vague reviews they agree with and after a certain number of reviews his words become an advice to these faithful readers.
Besides this, the amount of time they invested in this first issue is the confirmation about the high level achieved by the Lithuanian scene, either we are talking about zines, bands, or, in an inferior number, labels.
A second issue has therefore turned out to be the hope and need of many Metal extremists in the globe supporting the very few undergound paper zines left and proud to have one like this in their bookcase.

P.D. 2712
Vytenio 2/40,
LT-03001, Vilnius - Lithuania