For Those Lost

'This is our fight'

(Engineer records)

MARK: 78/100


To spur the band to reform and to make it known to those who have never heard its name is why we write this praiseworthy review about their only release.
The North American 5-piece is led by the Cripps brothers and delivers a blend of Hardcore and Metal, often equally divided and balanced, as depicted in "I Smile at Your Terror" and "Retribution". Here the musical recipe
mainly shows Straight Edge vocals and HC/Metal riffs, along with a crescendo that is destined to make you jump and shout at the top of your lungs.
Pretty dynamic, "Grey Day", includes monophonic guitar exits, and even a tribal insertion, making it the most fun to listen to and to play to drum-wise; the guitar solo stands at good performing levels, too.
"Walk to the Sun" is the record's climax, containing an irresistible refrain, devastating guitars and more groovy breakdowns that must've spread serious damage in the pits.
Old school philes are going to drool for "Case against You", a composition also displaying not only tight and raw vocals. I adore the lyrics about someone who's grown stronger, is back for a revenge and loves to be hated by his enemy. The axe solo is also pleasant and fairly competent, considering most Hardcore bands' average skill level.
For Those Lost approach music in a Hardcore way most of the time and one of the two guitar players adds sounds and choices that belong to Metal once in a while; in actual fact, after the nervous "A Promise Made" comes "Half Truths" to confirm what written above: an alternation of blastbeats and controlled situations, together with a good, original melodic intermezzo of guitar; the vocals start as narrative, become evocative and end brutal so as to enliven the chorus to be sung with the vocalist.
The almost 6 minutes of "The Blue Horizon" enclose a majestic, limitless beginning, followed by the most bludgeoning album's attack; very heartfelt vocals later on a Metal guitar solo, a second solo before the melodic, acoustic conclusion need to be mentioned as well.
9 tracks looking for no compromise, loyal to tradition, yet at the same time courageous enough to embody Metal elements, as well as unexpected additional contrubutions, proving the excellent songwriting and the abundance of successful genius strikes to create no run-of-the-mill songs.
Your return is overdue and we're crossing our fingers...

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - January 20th, 2011

Line-up on this record:
Leigh Cripps - v.
Neil Perry - g.
Simon Barnard - g.
Gary Cripps - b.
Oli Wiseman - d.


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-This is our fight (CD - 2006)