Fire Makers


(Self-produced 2002 DemoCD)

MARK: 75/100



Brand new 3-track debut demo-CD for this Italian HM act who've never hidden their love for the fine ol' times gone, that is the golden 80's period; as a matter of fact just from the beginning we got the title-track (inspired by Wes Craven's horror movie demon) displaying an early Maidenesque bridge and groovy metal rides, in order to prepare the listener for a really exalting refrain, while the following "Aragorn" is more controlled and melodic in the first part, but after the arpeggio we're run over by a cutting riffing and guitar solo. Finally, "Gods & Dogs" might make Gamma Ray's fans happy, without forgetting to insert a cool interlacement between the 2 axes, and some personal moments. All of the lyrics regard the eternal struggle of good vs. evil, from a mythological point of view ("Wishmaster"), an epic one ("Aragorn"), and a mystic one (of course "Gods and Dogs"). The recording and the sounds are acceptable enough this time, but do keep on mind that this defect is balanced by the fact we're in front of a true eighties fucking HM band, played with passion and a way which hadn't been heard for a long while. I believe that with a professional recording and more time to spend working on the vocal parts they can surely aspire to a deal, and yet they wouldn't steal anybody anything.