Fire Makers

"Fight in the Sky/Lost in Your Eyes"
(Self-produced 2003 DemoCD available in 2 versions with different artworks with different titles)

MARK: 88/100



Again a very convincing proof overcoming the previous demo-CD self-released less than a year ago. As a matter of fact the 3 tracks here presented show a better recording and mixing, yet wholly analogic; the songs also feel the effects of an improvement as to the arranging and smoothness themselves.

It's really delightful to listen to the cool riffs and guitar solos of "Fight in the Sky" , definitely a composition with nothing to envy the oldest and most popular bands playing this music style. "Lost in Your Eyes" opens with an undistorted 6-string arpeggio, later bursting with all its hard rock pining strength; for sure the most difficult song for vocalist Fabio Guarnirei, needing more overdubs in the studio and few guitar faults, but I'm sure that on stage it'll make lots of lighters reappear. Happy and hopping is the initial solo if "The Legend Will Survive", however the guitar parts are well performed - precise and warm - the way it used to be in almost all 80's heavy metal records; an enduring refrain and 2 great solos (congratulations! It's nice to listen to 2 good guitar players, and it's indeed surprising to notice this betterment in such a short while) complete the qualities of the song, and wipe out every doubt about the band: YEAH, METAL-BROS, YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS THESE 5 GUYS REALLY BELIEVE IN WHAT THEY DO.

I seldom exalt Italian bands, either because they have 0 originality, or since they play or write at scarce levels, but Fire Makers make me feel proud to be part of the Italian scene.
Give'em a label or a larger budget, and you'll have an album that'll make your jaws fall down and drool in deep ecstasy...


Tel: +39 (0) 339/5008379

Fabio, v.
Max, g.
Carlo, g.
Vincenzo, b.
Matteo, d.