'Fire for Effect'

(Self released in 2005)

MARK: 94/100


Like Billy Milano used to say: we are pacific but there are some who are just envious of what we have built and how we live and they want to wage a war against us behaving like those children crying and pulling their moms' skirts; to them we say: "Fuck the Middle East!"
nly after a long while can we hear another straightforward pro-war album with excellent lyrics from these 5 young newcomers from Massachussetts; everyone can see what's happening in the country led by the Neanderthal man who doesn't wash (Iran) these days and laxity is letting the West enemies florish. It's undeniable that W. Bush didn't expect his popularity to decrease so much (now he can count on a miserable 34% of countrymen still favorable to his policy), but the main reason is just because the US troops are using a velvet glove in Iraq and this endangers the US troops; the result is almost 3,000 young US soldiers (too many considering that a tougher strategy would've sped up the war against terrorists) have come back in coffins hidden to the eyes of most US TV's and the proliferation of mothers-against-war movements, not only in renowned Bolshy cities like NY but also in Texas.

Musically speaking, the 5 artists deal with a branch of Bay Area Thrash including several breaks alà Pantera, while the vocals remind me of Violence's, even tho more hoarse and closer to speaking; in other terms singer Luke Kimball screams like a lieutenant colonel leading his troopers to uncreate the foe while he's proudly advancing careless of his atrocious multiple injuries.
The start is given by "Tread the Line", a track that will take no prisoners live while it's already awesome in the studio: crushing thrashy riffs between Testament, Exodus and Slayer, solid refrains and rhythm changes constituting the real strentgh point of the act.
A good contrast is expressed by the vocals in "Violence - Detonation"; angry ones and other hopeless ones in the background, whereas the harsher breaks are in the following "Depth Charge", opened by a martial pattern and displaying a memorable axe solo.
Me and my colleagues all agree that the highlight of the CD is "War Machine", an irresistible song you'll not ever be tired of listening to.
Things change a bit with "Synechthran", beginning with apocalyptical Doom elements and then steering towards the typical Thrash style begun the 5-piece's trademark; worth being mentioned the melancholic middle solo as well.
"Pro-War" is nothing but shattering Groove metal with Hard Rock licks, a Gang Green-inspired acceleration and twisted insertions; then you can hear a George W. speech preceding inhuman final screams. I wonder why no-one there's suggested this track as a moral supporter for the US armed forces in Irak and Afghanistan yet; someone reading this review and working for or knowing somebody in AFN or Pentagon channel should put an end to such an injustice.
Dark metal and traditional metal go hand in hand in "Operation Dead Flowers"; soon afterwards it's time for a semi-ballad, "Desolate Walls", an instrumental rife with chiaroscuros.
Finally "Ruin, Rebuild and Reinstate" recurs to more killer rifferama and the last Thrash dash.

A real positive debut, one of those records growing on you maybe because of the rough sounds close to the ones of a Thrash demo or a low-fi mixed Black/Thrash metal record with poderous basses; Fire for Effect honestly play a genre where they don't make up anything but they do it in a way where they challenge you to find a second where you get bored. If they get rid of a few conspicuous influences and find a suitable label, we'll be allowed to expect for them to deliver us quite a bit of delightful surprises. Both thumbs up for the front cover artwork depicting G-I units leaving after a burning Arab building! Should I one day choose to hijack a plane full of Arabs in order to crash it onto Mecca, I would do it sparkled-eyed with a machine gun in my right hand and an I-Pod playing "Fire for Effect" in my left one. God bless America.


Line-up on this record:
Luke Kimball - v.
Josh Johnson - lead g.
Matt Allison - rhythm g.
Mike Lombardi - b.
Joe Pelletier - d.

Josh Johnson, 9 Grey Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940 - USA
E-mail: anubisjj20@aol.com
Official sites: www.fireforeffect.us


-Fire for Effect (CD - 2005)