Recruits loading machine-guns

After being stunned by their self-released debut's concept, I decided to learn more about this band with a bright future and even brighter ideas, and I've realized that old Thrash is living a second life, without big names but still alive and kicking in the hearts and minds of many of the new generations.
(Answers by lead guitarist Josh Johnson)

-First of all, a short summary for those who don't know you yet.
We are plain and simple, a patriotic, offensive thrash/heavy metal band.

-Your style is connected with the old Thrash and some newer influences such as Pantera, but you're all quite young. Where does your musical background come from and which of you has most power during the songwriting?
You pretty much pinpointed it. Old school thrash like Slayer and Exodus with slightly newer influences of Pantera and Black Label Society. I write most of the music and lyrics but Luke and Lombardi write a small portion of lyrics.

-Is the recording very rough because of your choice or since it couldn't be any better being a self-recording?
There are a few reasons. This album was written, learned and recorded in a span of a little over 2 months and I rushed the production and it shows. It has similar characteristics of older Slayer albums and the stuff Superjoint Ritual has put out in the past few years. Everything is still defined and nothing is muddy or really fucked up sounding but the next effort will be done with better equipment and we will take our time.

-Many bands state it's wrong to mix entertainment with political or social issues, while you seem to go against the mainstream. Has this ever produced any problems live or wherever?
When we started with this we were just being assholes and never thought it would go anywhere but personally I couldn't give a shit on what the mainstream norm is. I have read reviews by people who really hate everything about us and it doesn't bother me in the least. It is a good thing to be loved or hated and that seems to be the case so far. Luckily when it comes to CD reviews it is mostly positive.

-The messages in your lyrics state a clear point of view that doesn't meet most of the US citizens' approval? Do you think Bush made some mistakes during his task or is his popularity decrease just due to the current more weight US soldier victims' mother's associations?
No leader is ever really popular while waging a war and of course he has made mistakes. I'm not in anyway a military strategist but there was probably a more effective way to fight this war. On the other hand no one in the States knows what progress is being made and they only hear the bad. The soldiers are the ones fighting for our freedom and that has always been the way and it's a shame many die during this duty.

-The USA are a country notoriously made by immigrants, except for the native Americans, but it's clear that multiculturalism has failed; I read that a local school has decided to reinstate separated classes as before the 60's. A parallel can be thru my parents, who were deaf-mute and learned and felt happier in a class with people like them than with mixed classes like they experienced before. Don't you agree on that different races have different standards, cultures and mental evolutions and therefore it's the worst solution to put everyone together?
I don't think it has necessarily failed but rather still in an early developmental phase. Just like your parents people have to make up their own minds and separate themselves if they choose to be isolated with their own kind. I agree that there are many different social separations between races due to cultural history but it doesn't mean it will be counterproductive to a community. Forced separation doesn't seem to be the answer but making a choice personally to be part of multiculturalism or amongst your own, whomever that might be, is a more suitable solution.

-What's thrash metal like in North America today? And how do you see the response of those who approach you for the first time during a show?
The scene is of course mostly underground and bands like Slayer and Exodus are still the formidable leaders of thrash. We have for the most part had positive responses but unless you are a leading well-known act it is hard to build a fan base especially in the current scene in Massachusetts.

-Did you ever get bad treatment by a band you were opening for?
Not yet but I'm sure it will happen somewhere down the road.

-If you could play a date with a legendary band (also a split one is good), who'd it be?
Personally it would get no better than Slayer. There is an Exodus show tonight that we were only a couple days late on for getting a slot as an opening act and that would have been a great experience.

-Are you negotiating with any labels for the re-release of this album?
Because of the political standing and various other factors like maturity as musicians, writers, and me as a producer we are not at the level I believe necessary to approach a label seriously. The next album is going to be much better, less blatant politics but more in your face brutality, higher musicianship, and better writing. I want to make a mark independently so we have something to show when it comes to pitching to a label.

-Is your CD distributed out of your country? If not, how much does it cost to order it?
It is on sale online at Tower records, which I believe distributes worldwide. Its current selling price is $ 7.99. If not I don't mind being contacted by email and mailing a copy out myself but that will include cost of shipping.

-How many copies did you sell to date and do you also have demos with unreleased material available?
We have only been selling for a couple months but have unloaded a few hundred even though some were freebees. We don't have any unreleased material but we plan on posting some live footage online and the next CD will be released within a year.

-Plans for the future? (Live dates, new CDs, DVD's, website updates, videoclips, messages…)
Learning new material is first. I have written 14 new songs that we have to start playing live before picking the ones we want on the next album in the fall of 2006. Over the summer we hope to play gigs in various other states on a small-scale tour.

-Dear online citizens, be sure you'll hear their monicker more and more often...


Current line-up:
Luke Kimball - v.
Josh Johnson - lead g.
Matt Allison - rhythm g.
Mike Lombardi - b.
Joe Pelletier - d.

Josh Johnson, 9 Grey Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940 - USA
Official sites:

-Fire for Effect (CD - 2005)