'The Finite Beings'


MARK: 89/100


The Finite Beings play Christian metal/rock using biblical truths and personal experiences. They have been recording and writing this debut album since March 2011. The album was recorded in their home studio using ProTools. The tracks brush upon four major topics: God, the mind, humanity and society. Though availing itself on a few guest interventions, the act is comprised of two key ingredients (Donny DePaola on guitars, bass and lead vocals on most tracks, and Mike Nicholas on drums providing most of the lyrical writing, and the occasional vocal).
Following the intro "Realization", the Groovy metal tainted with Prog rock of "Stubborn Creatures", unveils its beauty, topped by a superb refrain.
To make this record unusual is the task of "Utterances", a Weird metal song with a slow pace and a nice guitar solo getting out of the usual tracks run along by most Prog metal combos.
While "Grasp of Its Hold" blends delicate Prog rock with Doom metal riffs, "Awaken the Night" is dark, tight and obsessive, rich in guitar frills, and in some parts reminding of Pink Floyd; the finalé is dream-like due to the drum and guitar work, and, last but not least, distant vocals.
"The Weeping" deals with innovating Prog metal, whereas "Black Hole in the Sky" is a sad Heavy metal song embellished by twin guitars and lightly distorted guitars.
One of the album's highlights, "In the Shadows" is based upon elevated musical and vocal contrast, preceding "Paths of Negativity", a Metal guitar-centered song ruined by an electronic drumset sounding as cold as a drum machine, which isn't fit for this genre.
Solphureus and mesmerizing, the slightly Black Sabbathian (and even jazzy at the end) "The Adversary" conquers everybody from the moment the multiform vocals appear; they are the fulcrum and the reason to be proud of having composed this song, which is one of the masterpieces of the debut and soon after it's time for another pearl, the Pink Floydesque "Selfish", quickly erupting in theatrical vocals, whispered vocals, even liquid vocals and refined guitar strokes. So much to enjoy, so much to taste and discover listen by listen.
The closure "The Way" is a Rock lullaby suitable for all US college radios, JCTV and other Christian media, but it's a pity that some of the drums in it included come from an electronic machine; actually the drum sounds are mostly good and the recording is powerful (but not bombastic), balanced and clean, it's just that the harshness of the electronic drumset is a tiny spot here and there. Even tho it is a lullaby there's room for an explosion and a short guitar solo, therefore it's a song able to cover several diverse moods, including a sad finalé.
Interesting first effort off the New Jersey musicians on a nice digipack unfortunately devoid of lyrics, especially for fans of Pink Floyd as well as King's X, The Beatles, Genesis, Porcupine Tree and other Prog rock or metal outfits.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - September 5th, 2013

Line-up on this record:
Donny DePaola - v., g., b.
Mike Nicholas - d., v.

Mahwah, NJ - USA
E-mail: thefinitebeings@gmail.com
Official sites:


-The Finite Beings (CD - 2013)