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Instructions on how to play Christian metal without being boring


This time we're presenting you an interview with The Finite Beings' mastermind Mike; the reason to dedicate them this space is because they are a fresh gust of wind in a scene which is professional yet often lacking the will to explore and dare.



-Hello! For those who don't know you yet, let us know your story since the beginning. Did you play in other bands before? What spurred you to form this band?Mike- I started writing songs and playing drums when I was about 13 years old. I joined my first band at the age of 19, which was called Stillhaven. We had all gone to High School together and just started getting together once a week to make music. We were very much an innovative screamo band where my role was the drum set and a lot of the lyrical writing. We played together for about 5 years until many of us decided to go back to school or start careers. I learned a lot from that band. I then went on to get my degree in recording arts at Full Sail University in FL. After I graduated, unfortunately, I had to put many of my goals on hold due to the fact that I was suffering from Schizophrenia. It was a very dark time for me and it took me about 2 years to overcome and be well. However it was during this time that I found a lot of my inspiration for song ideas that would later end up songs for The Finite Beings. It was also during this time that I came to faith in Christ, which did wonders in my life. I couldn't not share it through my music. It was right around this time that I met Donny DePaola at an “Ask Any Question” Bible study. It was rather cool attending this study with him and growing in faith together. I think its safe to say that going into it we were both very skeptical with any organized religion. However, week after week I found a lot of my questions getting answered with solid reasoning and I came to believe in Christ. The Finite Beings first started when I showed Donny some of my ideas on our way home one night. He loved them and pretty much invited me to record with him on his 8 track that night. The next morning he had told me he had worked on the song some more and wanted to show me what he did with it. Needless to say, when I heard the combination of my writing with his vocal and guitar, I knew it was a unique sound with some depth to it. I thought it was very cool.

-Why did you end up playing this genre? And can you explain to us the meaning behind the CD cover?
Mike- Well our music fell into this genre kind of all on its own. It wasn't something we planned or anything. My newly found faith inspired me to write a lot of Biblical messages relating to my personal experiences and, being in a Metal/Screamo band in my past, I wanted to keep the heavy, theatrical edginess that I grew up with. A lot of Christian music, despite having an an awesome message, bores me believe it or not. So I wanted to make Christian music on my own terms.
Ahh the CD cover. I'm glad you asked this question. The concept of the Brain/Earth was an idea I came up with, which my sister who is a graphic designer, brought to life. The brain represents the imagination of humanity and the earth represents the reality of the world we live in. I thought it would be cool to put those images together to represent this album titled, “The Finite Beings.”

-How long did the writing process take and did you meet difficulties during the collage of ideas to a single track?
Mike- We wrote and recorded this album in about a year. Some songs we had already written and recorded on a very rough demo that we made months before. The rest of the songs we just wrote and recorded as we went along. As far as the colliding of ideas, we had a lot. Mostly due to how passionate we were and how much we invested into it. Donny and I have very different musical tastes and go about writing music very differently. However, I think it was this blend of extremes that make this album so unique and beautiful.

-Can you tell us more about my favorite tracks, Stubborn creatures, In the shadows, The adversary?
Mike- K well let me break this down.

Stubborn Creatures- This track was a song that I had written lyrically for a while before transforming it with Donny. I like it cause it is energetic and in your face with its music and with its message. I get a lot of compliments with the line, “Slobbering greedy beings.” I guess looking at how our society is many people can relate. I also knew there was something special about the hook in the chorus where we repeat the line, “Oh we truly are stubborn creatures.” It just sounded like a hit song to me meant for the radio. I guess we will see if the listeners agree.

In the Shadows- This was the first song we recorded for this album. I wrote the lyrics to express that I have been in a dark place and it took a while to get out of it. Sometimes we get comfortable in the dark not being able to see our true colors or the worlds for that matter. However now that Im not in that place anymore I can honestly say that life is beautiful. I also think that Donny and his father Don, who plays lead guitar on several songs, did excellent guitar work together. The eeriness of it all truly makes me feel like I am in the shadows. Great solo from Don DePaola as well. Favorite lyric: “The problem with hiding in the shadows is that when the light comes I don't know where to go. I'm so used to the darkness I forgot what it is to see. This beautiful creation and all it offers me.”

The Adversary- This was the last song we recorded for the album and is one of my favorites. I think it is the most experimental song and part of the reason that happened was it turned out how none of us expected it to turn out. Donny came up with the opening riffs while I was working on lyrics for it. By the end we created a beast. I love how Donny and I go back and forth taking turns with the vocals in this one. Great lead guitars from both Donny and Don. I wasn't sure how people were going to react to this song simply because its so out there. However we have gotten very positive feedback on this one and I'm really glad you liked it.

-You're just two composers, but the songs differ a lot one from another no matter that; is it because you possess a large musical background?
Mike- I think it is largely due to Donny and I having such different styles of writing and playing. We tried to add as much variety as possible while sticking to what we call, “The Finite Sound.”

-What inspires you music-wise and lyric-wise? Gonna post the lyrics online someday?
Mike- Musically I am very much a mood and feel musician. If I hear a sound that moves me in some kind of way I just feed off it and grow it from there. Lyrics are my thing. What inspires me lyrically is being genuine with yourself and expressing it in an artistic way. I take a lot of personal experience and blend it with creative vision. Taking all that and combining it with my new found faith, you get the lyrical story of this album. All of our lyrics are up and available on our website at Check it out!

-Why did you choose to use an electronic drum set on some songs?
Mike- Well believe it or not, I played on an electric kit for every song on this album. I went with the electronic drum set solely because we didn't have any good acoustic rooms to record an acoustic set. We also didn't really have the funds to get drum mics. We tried recording me on the acoustic kit and it just wasn't sounding good to me.That being said, I do have a very nice electronic set as well and I decided to go with that. I knew I would probably get a lot of heat from the metal and hard rock community, but I made the most with what I had available to me. This album was a growing experience for us and we both learned a lot in the process. Since recording this album I have gotten a very good drum program that does wonders with an electronic kit. However, I would be totally down to record an acoustic kit as well. Just have to see what happens.

-Are you a studio band or are you planning dates, too?
Mike- We are very much a studio band for the time being. We had a CD release party where we played a live set for friends and family, but other than that no live shows I'm sad to say. I hope that changes some day.

-Are you a duo since it's hard to find fit members for your style in your area or what?
Mike- Yup that is exactly it. Its been very hard to find another member that fits. A lot of my other friends who are musicians love our music but wouldn't want to get involved with us full time because we are a Christian band. I knew going into this that that could hurt our popularity in terms of building a fan base and getting members. However, I believe in something so much bigger than anything this world has to offer. I couldn't let that defer me from what I was trying to do.

-How many times do you rehearse a week?
Mike- Right now we are taking a well needed break after 2 years of recording and writing. However when we were writing this album it was all nighters at least a few days a week. I'm amazed at how much we accomplished in a relative short amount of time with a limited budget.

-What are you listening at the moment?
Mike- Right now in my car I have been listening to the new Three Days Grace album, new Alice In Chains, a lot of Christian music, POD, and The Finite Beings! I also gotta throw Pink Floyd in there even though they are not actually in my player. Just because they have influenced me so much. Also I'm really digging The Winery Dogs with Mike Portnoy. Cool sound.

-Do you play in other bands?
Mike- Nope right now I am focused on The Finite Beings. I have a lot of solo material that I'm hoping to one day use for a future album.

-Any new songs out? How will the new material differ and will it be self-produced and self-recorded again?
Mike- I have a lot of material in bits and pieces. As I said I hope to use it for a future album. I do have 1 new song that is finished that hasn't been released yet called “Division” (Who do I follow?) which is a really cool song.
Thank you for the questions, if you have any more please let me know. I hope I answered them well for you. By the way if you or someone else is interested in hearing the new track let me know. I'll send it to you. Would love to hear your feedback on it.


Line-up on this record:
Donny DePaola - v., g., b.
Mike Nicholas - d., v.

Mahwah, NJ - USA
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