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MARK: 84/100


Not to be confused with any release from the homonymous Dutch Grind/Noise purveyors' discography, here comes the Siberians' debut CD to make my day.
Extreme metal soaked in experimenting brushes is a potent combination that may not be groundbreaking but when done right the way like Fatal Error has here, is highly addictive.
The ten tracks are rich in topics, varying from the pathological ones, whose apex, "Human Humus" is a marvellous morbid poem, to sociological ones, such as "Amputated Happiness", dealing with fears and denied hopes of happiness. Yet, in personal list the top position is occupied by the title track, delivering amazing zombie lyrics.
Musicwise, the band self-defines its style as Experimental deathcore, which is true, but the list of styles and influences is much larger: sometimes they touch Thrash shores, sometimes Nu metal, on some occasions they pass from Meshuggah soundscapes to more Brutal death ones; add Soulfly and Industrial metal backed by a mighty production and see if you're prepared for this sort of explosive cocktail!
"Intro" contains swine cries, extremely vigorous of bass sounds, machine-gun-like samples in Dub-step preparing for a nightmarish journey beginning with "It", which contains guttural Death vocals, angry Metalcore structures, Machine Head guitar licks, Fear Factoresque drums like unstoppable tanks, persistent bass lines. A stunning premise to the rest of the album!
The above-cited "Human Humus" is opened by a cruel spoken intro, while later the music attacks by a blastbeat before a Meshuggah-influenced part; things change again and get close to early Slipknot on testosterone before Gorefuck musical parts are followed by an obsessive finale.
A massive initial riff with a cave-dweller shout on the vein of Max Cavalera is the peculiarity of "Amputated Happiness", a composition alternating without fears brutal and modern Metal styles, along with dissonances and palm-muted riffs.
When "Coronation of Suicidal Absurd" started, its pace and its sneaking bass lines made my brain have an orgasm; Metalcore with mad and demonic vocals, heavy and dark, repetitive riffs make it another piece of art leaving me speechless. As if it weren't enough the largest pieces of the drums were recorded ultraheavy, and to increase the listening pleasure the finest drum patterns are present in this song. I love it. A lot of work for the guitarist derives from the title track, gifted with tribal drumming and Smirnov's recurrent vocals sounding like a swine whose cock has been snapped by a vice. These vocals are put aside of the Metalcore vocal emissions, but the best of this song is that it's full of fast blastbeats and is probably the maximum of violence. Congratulations to the skinbeater once again.
"Eternity of Inhumanity" doesn't add anything new to the recipe but remains interesting because of the rifferama and the groovy parts; there're fewer blastbeats, being mainly a mid-tempo composition, and the guitar licks create an original intermezzo.
A Hardcore/Nu metal riff starts "Inconceivable, Incompatible", before the experimental guitar parts. The vocals so dear to Devourment fans make the lion's share here, still it remains one of the songs where several unexpected elements are shown, with Nu-metal guitars interrupting the ferocious bludgeoning.
The relatively long "Nature Killing People" first shows a relentless ultrfast assault followed by metalcore parts, notwithstanding the instrumental breaks are the song's surprise, proving there's real sympathy between guitars and drums. This one's definitely the most eleaborate and complete song representing all of the Perm sonic butchers' facades.
Dirty, perverted and somewhat partially different than what heard in the previous material, "Kill and Die" showcases drums excelling in a way as if Fear Factory had a baby with Cattle Decapitation; the fruit of this incest guarantees an assortment of inexorable riffs and drums that could perforate a granite monolith, no exaggeration!
"Simulation of Life" inserts dynamic and intricate riffs raping our eardrums with the now common musical tissue side by side. The deletion of our traces with pachydermally amplified drum strokes similar to shots from a 50-storey-tall gun is inevitably done when the music has stopped.
40 minutes that feel like 80 due to the heaviness of the stuff compressed in them. Fatal Error might be an opening act for a vast array of bands and at the same time satisfy many people whose tastes embrace diverse shades of Extreme metal; still, some in search of a monodimensional album might be highly disappointed due to the impression of someone turning the radio knob clockwise and counterclockwise all the time. Luckily I enjoy "Conglomerate" a lot, as it is raw and visceral and will absolutely rip you apart limb from limb… Fatal Error are at their first offering but have alreay perfected their craft and song writing abilities to create an album that quite literally ‘kicks ass'.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - November 30, 2012

Line-up on this record:
Aleksey Beltukov - b
Aleksey Shavrin - g.
Vyacheslav Smirnov - v.
Sergey Ermakov - d.

Perm - Russia
E-mail: fatalerrorband@mail.ru
Official site:


-Conglomerate (CD - 2012)