Fallen Wisdom



MARK: 63/100


Metal/Punk with diverse layers of aggressive and adrenalinic vocals compose the third full-length by the Puertoricans moved from San Juan to the US a few years ago.

Most songs are in English, with the exception of "Danza Macabra", in Spanish, which doesn't suit their style very much, being apt mostly for tribal or happy genres without mordant.
Among the more remarkable songs, the abrupt moshing of "Deceased We Mate" (between D.R.I. and Earth Crisis), displaying quite involving vocals, "Plasma", a track on the trail of the early Bad Religion, "Temptation & A Sun", rife with momentum, and finally the highlight "Children of the Dead", very 90's HC-like, gifted with lively riffs alà No Fraud.

Nothing to object as to the recording, nevertheless musicwise they tend to be a bit repetitive and the weaker point resides in the vocals, which need being arranged way better; finally, there're some solos devoid of grace and they are the ones that ruin songs like "Skeleton". Punk doesn't require skill historically, but if you decide to add a solo, then you have to do it well.

Fallen Wisdom are still far from becoming the heirs of Suicidal Tendencies and alike, but the live experiences should help them surmount these faults and be back with a less hurried and more skillful record. Anyway, someone over 30, strongly nostalgic of the Punk/Metal bands that used to be popular 15 years ago, might find it appetible to ease his hunger for these bands so rare nowadays.


Official site: www.fallenwisdom.com

-Pleasure Turns to Pian (2003 - demo version)
-Pleasure Turns to Pain (2004)
-Immortal (2005)