(Nailjar records)

MARK: 78/100


It seems that after a year since it was released I'm only the second to write a review about this porn Goregrind one-man band whose lyrics are a pleasure to the eyes and ears of cruel coprophiliacs.

The 16-minute album kicks off with the irresistible climax of "Twitch of the Deathturd", immediately displaying the toilet-water alien-like vocals that will accompany the listener till the end. After the crushing and groovy "Turtleroadhead" it is time for "Doused in Anal Discharge", leaving very little space to breathe due to its intensity, while "Shitular" contains a riff you won't easily forget despite its primitiveness.
Few blasts, several riffs and rhythm variations are the recipe for "Embalmed with Excrement", whereas "Diarrhea Bukkake" gets noticed not only because of the genial title, but also because here the toilet vocals are effected in a way that they sound spectral this time, yet again on a musical layer of Shitgrind.
The brutal and tight chip "Birthing the Megaladung" is followed by the ultrarapid "Impaled by the Dreaded Poopsicle" and by "Force Fed Fetal Sludge", which partially contains chainsaw vocals, being an exception to the rest and making me see FXVX (aka Fecal Vagina) as the new flagbearers of Carcass' inventive style with the addition of shit-based lyrics instead of the necrophile ones.
As to the last three tracks, "Goo and Poo" is Grind/Rock with an exhilarating refrain, "Scatatonic" is the most elaborate composition and finally "Cocooned in Coprolite" includes a Thrash riff before the drum machine blast.

If you are a fan of Amoebic Dysentery, Necrobeastiality, Spamicidial, Lobster Assault, Dwarfophile, Regurgitate, Gore Beyond Necropsy, Dead Infection, Cannibal Accident, 2 Minuta Dreka, or any of the like, behold your new favorite of this decade!


Line-up on this record:
Dr. Goopooy - v., drum programming, g.

Wisconsin - USA

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-Epoophany (CD - 2014)