Exit Wounds/Luciferase
Deathpoint/Misery Ritual



MARK: 79/100 for both


Second release for this new-born Finnish label dedicated to promoting underground extreme local acts. Exit Wounds basically play old school death metal with a few thrash riff elements, the style on auge between '87 and '93 to be clear, though "Enemy of the World" also includes some additional high vocals alà Deeds of Flesh. On the other hand, Luciferase play something much closer to Swedish death metal, mostly closer to Therion, and not only in the title track where there's a big choir in which Onyxia's crew adds itself too.
Exit Wounds' songs are more brutal and faster than Luciferase's, but Luciferase sound catchier and a little clever and various in writing compositions.
The recording is too deaf high-wise and low vocals-, riff- and solo-wise as to Exit Wounds, and therefore the bass sounds (bass included) are far clearer, while Luciferase have a more balanced recording, though the latter's drum work shows some little imperfections in a few moments; this is the reason of the even mark. Of course they're both very interesting promising bands, though I feel I especially have to recommend them to the older death metal fans.