'Issue # 2- December 2005'

(Evilution magazine)

MARK: 85/100


Wow, it took me long to find the time to read it, but now I can say the wait was worth. Bo and his collaborators are back and this time the mag is a bit shorter and more focused on interviews, which is not a bad fact in this case because all of them are conducted directly. That's a good point, as the interviewer can press upon an artist and deepen an interesting aspect, which is not possible if not after some time with an e-mail intie.
As you can read from the picture there are several cool bands we all like throughout diverse genres, but the best discussions were with Dissection, Arcturus, Sepultura, Watain and Mastodon, but after all they all kick ass because they don't limit themselves to the usual questions about the latest albums and tours; luckily there's also place for short whiles of hinted humorism; for example I wish I had had a camera and had recorded the sneaky face of the interviewer during the funny passage of Watain's interview; after the singer said: "As long as people die, I'm happy", Ustumagallam replies in a really sibylline way. Just an example of how to keep readers' attention high, more effective when read than told, but sometimes it is particulars that make the difference between a dull and a smart piece. One more example? Have you kept into consideration the alternation of white, black and grey grained backgrounds? Some zines just keep the same one from beginning to end, the Danes do not. A careful person recognizes how much professionalism there is behind this magazine, so I can assure you it's once again well-spent money and it's not even much.
Another good point that should convnce you to get one of the last of the 666 total copies is the tough knowledge of the bands by the journalists, helping to eviscerate all the sides of a band which are far more than line-up changes, live shows, rehearsals, lyrics and CD/DVD releases, otherwise we'd prefer doing something else than reading.
One of the things I'd like to suggest Evilution's staff is to supply every interview with a detailed disco-/demo-/video-graphy as they did with Nunslaughter's; if you're a fan of the band you should have no time to put it together (as a journalist), and if you're a reader you'd be glad not to waste time looking for it on the Internet or risking losing it with your next PC crash; and of course you might also discover a release you didn't hear about or learn which label released it.


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